Smart grid

Project Proposed:

Description of Project in brief:

ABB, providing its customers with advanced power and automation systems is looking to leverage on the situation that is created by the rise of smart grid. In order to leverage on the situation, ABB must give its customers added features and services in smart grid.

The project that I'm going to do is to make a thorough study of the smart grid and also the features that it provides to both the customers and businesses. Study the product portfolio of ABB and its competitors; if feasible take a survey to understand and analyze the needs of utility consumers and suggest what enhancements and additional features that ABB can provide to its customers to compete in the market with its product portfolio, in this smart grid era.

Objective of the Project:

  • The project will help the company to see where they are at present compared to their competitors in smart grid technology.
  • Give some suggestions on how ABB's product portfolio and its features can be expanded to compete in the smart grid era.


The research design used in this project is exploratory research design, in which collection of information is in an unstructured and informal manner. Secondary data is used as the source of data collections. The secondary data is used to study the various layers and products in smart grid. Compare the products with the product portfolio of ABB and identify what products can be used in smart grid. Then analyze the merits and demerits of the products with respect to smart grid and suggest in what ways the ABB's product portfolio can be enhanced to meet the competition. If feasible a survey can be done to identify the preferences of utility consumers and their view points on smart grid. Then the collected data will be analyzed and filtered. The final analyzed data will be used for decision making.


The project will be done in a time period of 3 months.

    Week 1 - 2: studying smart grid

    Week 2 - 4: collection of secondary data regarding smart grid and technologies used

    Week 4 - 8: Analysis of ABB India's product portfolio and its applications in smart grid and compare it with the competitors

    Week 8 - 12: Identify and suggest the product enhancements needed to compete in smart grid era

Limitations of the Study:

Every organization involved in power systems and smart grid has their own explanations for it. Research and Development teams around the globe are still trying to figure out what more can be done through smart grid.

The data being collected maybe limited as it's a new technology and no such projects has been started in India yet.

The time is limited.


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