Social Enquiry Types And Analysis With Research Business Essay

The every type of the organization the research is one of the main and the basic goal which creates value a new marketing strategy towards achieving the high competent advantage of the organization, there are number of the research tools and the theories have been used to deal about the research goals and the primary data and the secondary data which is necessary for an organization to deal about their main and their future goal of the operation.

A lot number of approaches used in order to describe the research tools. it also includes the statistical explanation and the data which is used for the research defining tools. so the design of the research is one of the challengeable thing in the organization which explains that how the research instrument will used what data is required to collect which basic resources will use in the collection of the primary and the secondary data of the research instrument tools.

One of the another thing is the research implications which Is the one of the hardest tool for research are one of the hard task especially in the production type organizations. There are different types of approaches used in this regard. which tells how we can carry out our research. the type of resources and the time for the completion of the research tasks is also one of the basic goals in the organizations.

1.A social enquiry types and analysis with research

There is one of the big role of the social sciences in the production of the Islamic goals the social enquiry is all about the research main focus how to collect data from the statistical information from different types of the research perspectives.

The numerical and as well as the non numerical data can be interpreted and analyzed by the help of social sciences. the focus of the statistical approaches and the qualitative methods are based on each type of Quantitative research methodologies the  methods highlights on the main objectives of the research is the analysis of the data collected by the help of questionnaires ,surveys and the qualitative research  which determines the social understanding of the comments which are used by the help of interviews

in the context of business and management The  main applications of the research methods can be used   in social psychology or the social process of the business. Most of the tools used for the

Simon et al, 1985 analyzed that qualitative or quantitative research are the main source of the data collection methods

which are available in the form of the case studies and the questionnaires and mostly used interviews Research methods in management focus on the leadership studies and their leadership issues in organizational theory

there are different types of the tools and the techniques are used in the research process.

there are different types of the social inquires are used in the term of business and management .it has created the curial way of getting information for the atmosphere people and the number of the process used in social enquiry

terms of information and business technology. so social enquiry divided in to different parts like the cultural and the environmental and the attitude of the revel vent region people all are under social enquiry. There are a number of the tools are used to show the ther great link between the research information tools and the techniques

1.b the research objectives

In every organisaiton there are a number of the objectives which considered as the basic and the primary fouces of the any organization which tells that how the organization can make their information well defined and the research objectives are the main goals by which an organization can deal about their different types of the data collection techniques in the organization,

terms of information and business technology and also as a structure of .

there are number of research objectives which play an important role in making the firm policy .these objectives help the organization to take serious and efficient decisions for their future success in their business so the market research enables the monument to take right decisions on their policy making strategies.

There are some objectives of the research are following which are consider the key objectives of the any organizations and which helps the organization to analyses its research targets.

;the main objective of the research methods is to make sure the demographic of the peoples which are really to buying the products in the present time with respect to the other people which are interested to buy their competitive product so in this research shows that what elements are need in order to buy the products and how can improve the value of the products in firm with respect to their competitor

The another main purpose of the research is to conduct the research in market regarding the satisfaction of the customers with respect to their products in this case the research analyze the customers and the potential customers buying satisfaction so that the gap can be filled

In order to analyze the value of the money of different products which are provided by different suppliers ,the researcher find the attitude of their customers and their potential customers

To know the best feathers of the products which their customer are expected to find in the newly products because every time the customers expects the best features of the products

The another basic purpose of the research methods is to make sure about the awareness of the customers regarding their different type of the products in the market

1.c positivism and phenomenology of research with thier philosophies

the main research philosophy mean the selection of an overall research philosophy with their choice of the

primary alternatives like the the competition between a positivist or a phenomenological research.

1.c.1 Research types

Posivitivist research

Phenomenological research

Th basic idea

In international level this research is external and got highly objectives

All science which is used in this research is value free

The world is look like constructive tool and the their subjective are limited

All of the science used int his method is the operate under human interest

The role of researcher

the researcher focus on the special type of facts

it works under causality and the their fundamental laws of operation in the organization

it formulates the working hypothesis in the industry and it deals all the test of the data used in this process.

if focuses on the meaning of the data collection

there is sufficient understanding is required in order to know that what is happening actually in the organization

it deals all about the research punctuality

with the help of data induction all of the data collected.

Use of specific methods

It uses the operational concepts which can be measured in the organization

Helps in taking a huge number of large samples

It used different types of methods in order to establish different types of research phenomena

it uses different types of methods in order to appear the multiple view of the phenomena

all of the small samples are investigated in the research details wise

Assignment 2.a

Research methodologies in business and management research

A huge number of research methodologies are used in the business and management practice which can helps the researcher to deal with the important aspects of the research .there are different types of research methodologies used some are given below.

2.B Methodologiesn with thier Qualitative and quantitative Research

2.B.1 the Qualitative type of research method

There are different types of the methods used in the qualitative research in order to get information about the research information tools and the techniques used in the organization

According to the analyst Myers (1997)

He describe the difference between the qualitative and the quantitative research methods . according to the mathematical modeling system the qualitative research can be defined as below

The methods of Qualitative research mostly developed in the atmosphere of the social sciences in order to facilitate the researchers for the study social and their cultural

phenomena in the organization . the main Examples of the qualitative methods are action research type , and the case study

research methods and then their ethnographic system . the main Qualitative data sources system includes the observation and the participant observation technique like the , interviews and the questionnaires, systems or the documents

According to the researcher of study Hussey and Hussey’s (1997) the qualitative research is

As the subjective approach which deals with the examining and the reflecting on their perceptions system in order

to achieve the understanding of the social and the human activities .

2.B.2 the Quantitative method

There are different types of the methodologies used in the research According to the Myers (1997)

The Quantitative research methods are the methods which are originally created in the type of natural sciences atmosphere in order to learn their natural phenomena system . the main Examples of the quantitative research methods which are

established in the type of the social sciences deals with the main survey methods and their laboratory

Experiments in the current research , the main formal methods (e. like the econometrics system and the numerical methods of system such as the

main Quantitative methods which were used for the type of empirical examination system which are helpful in order to assist in the

assessment o of the main knowledge sharing system and in the type of stories in organization and these helps to share the knowledge practices.

2.b research process and the role of the researcher

The research process is one of the primary process which is used to eliminate the main research instrument in the organization

The main role and the responsibilities of the researcher are followings which are key tasks .which are supposed to completed by the help of researcher in the research process

The main and Primary responsibility of the researcher is for the design, and management, then conducting , analyses and the reporting of the main study to the setting of the standards

Works as for co-coordinator for the the investigation process

To ensure that the research is conducted with their agreed control of protocol system.

Participant rights, and the safety system is one of the main priority with the research system .

When these study involves especially with their participants like the care of the doctor or any type of social workers then research should be agreed with the special type of the professional groups like the nurse or social worker

It is the main responsibility of the researcher that when the research is going to the social care services then the , the agency like the director or their deputy must agrees to the person which is going to involve.

The main responsibility of the researcher is to make sure that there system of command is working under control ,they should make sure that the research is going to conduct their actual research atmosphere

2.c qualitative approach with analysis

The main method which is used for basic research design in social atmosphere is the qualitative approach .there are different types of studies has been approved for the design of the qualitative research which are being discussed below.

2.C.1 the use of Descriptive study in research information

Descriptive study is one of the main study which play an important role in making the best organization tools and the techniques in the firm. The qualitative study of descriptive research is the type of goal which is used for the practice of the qualitative goals. Furth more the relationship between behavior and the outcome of the research also discussed in this study very clearly. But this method is only operate only the base of such hypothesizes and the types of variables .this study help in examining the factors which can cause for the environment and the behavior of the organization

The study describes the gives the evidence for the support that a number of the variable parts are are the main research.

2.C.2 the role of Interpretive study

There are different number of the studies are used in the research collection data analysis. which are considered as the basic and the admin tools of the research techniques.

Doolin, 1996; Stake, 1994 stated that ,It is generally accepted that the every case studies can work under either the quantitative or the qualitative

these researcher worked together and highlights the main value of the interpretive case studies of the research methods . In the analysis of the qualitative and interpretive case studies which are being discussed the main researcher is the person who directly involved in the processing of

data collection and then their analysis determined by the Creswell, 1998; and the Klein & Myers, 1999; I think the main goal of this study is to analyze the involvement of the direct researcher activities with they designed research methods in the research process which are the key elements for the dosing of this type of research.

2.C.4 ethnographic study with thier qualitatative research

The ethnographic is about the the type of naturally occurring type of behavior within a special type of the social group or the type of culture. moreover the relationship of the culture and the behavior of the are briefly discussed in this type of research method. it helps in maintaining the beliefs and the values and the specific type of the attitudes for the special type of group of people.

The special type of the ethnographic people developed t who are called anthropologists. this the type of the research method in which the human culture is discussed briefly .the anthropologists measures the lives o the peoples which are primarily got observation and they take depth wise interviews to know about the attitude ant the behavior of the people in the organization

2.C.5 the use of Naturalistic study

This method is used for the interpretation of the daily life experiences in the society and their structural based the field type of the experience of life .it helps the researcher to take data and get experience with the different types of the society issues which are going to take place in the society .because society is the responsible for the achievements of these types of the resources. this type of method is used for the better flow of the production in the research methods and the data collection .

2.d qualitative research analysis with their approches

There are different types of the approaches used in qualitative research which helps the researcher to collect sufficient data by using these means of the resources of the research methods in the research techniques methods,

These are following approaches

Independent observation

The use of large samples

Development of the hypotheses

The use of statistical analysis

2.D.1indepedence type of observation

The qualitative research is the type of the research which can analyze the basic research tools from its initial point to the final point of the research the whole process of the research is about the type of the procedure which can analyze that how can we collect data for the research

In the independent observation deals about the individual role in the whole research process with the help of this the basic targets and the research data cannot give so proper results as the other types of the research process

2.D.2 large samples usage

This type of the research techniques helps the individual or the group of the people who are involved in the whole research process from its initial point to the final point of the research process, with the help of this research technique an individual use a number of the large type of samples which are used for the research process.

2.D.3 main hypotheses in reseach thoery

The research is based on different types of the hypotheses which are considered as the major element in order to get data about different types of the research information tools and the techniques in the research process.

There are different types of the research hypothesis are also the key elements of the qualitative analysis of the research process these hypotheses helps the researcher to take extra information and tto get highly and advance information’s on the base of their experience or to their future success chances so sometimes these hypotheses are not helpful in getting correct information regarding the research tools so that’s why its not so popular among the qualitative method of research process.

2.D.4 statistical information’s in reseach theroy

This type of analysis of the qualitative research method helps the researcher to look back and take some previous information which were used in order to get best results of the research process this type of the method is usually used in the type of research where the high efficiency of the information required in this case the researcher takes some previous data and then compare it with the correct data and then he took decisions

3.A qualitative and quantitavie research in their project

There are different types of the qualitative and the quantitative research techniques used in research process.

In the analysis of the research projects it is very common that to analyze the main characteristics of the both qualitative and the quantitative research methods. the term research design is the term which is used in the collecting data for any specific type of the products from its initial point to the final point of the research.

The qualitative research is the type of the research which focuses on identifying the main experience and the special thoughts of the participants of the research products. this type of research is the which consists of different type of interpretive type of material and other tools and practices. These practices help to perform the research process transform the world. all of the world is turned by the different type of series of their representation system like the field notes system, interviews ,the conversations, photographic recording and the memos

On the other hand the qualitative type of the research deals about the collection of the data and survey by the help of the special type of instruments. Which is used for the identification of the experimental design and then it reflect on the special types of the arrangements which helps them to arrange data .

The design of the research includes different types of the tools which are main part of the research which are followings

1 research objectives

2 research planning

3 the action review

3.A.objective of the research

A huge number of the research objectives are available in the market which shows about the different types of the main and the primary goals of the research

The goal of the every type of the research is different and having enormous benefits for the achievements of their targets qualitative research and quantitative research both having different types of goals and objectives which shows the need and the requirement of the research in the actual need

The primary objective of the any type of the research is to provide the complete and the detailed description of the main topic of the research which is usually very realistic

The quantitative research focus on the main features and their constructing type of models and there figures so that the actual research process can be observed

The qualitative research main objective is to give information about the type of the projects which are going to its earlier types of phases in research projects

On the other hand the qualitative research gives information to the researcher what is actual expect of the research process with respect to the qualitative research which only limited to the specific types of the research goals

The researcher served in the qualitative research of the methods like the primary data method like the data gathering instrument type on the other hand the quantitative research use the tools like the surveys etc so the main objective both type is to get information

3.A.2 project planning

This is the specific type of task in research where normally we have to generate the topic for yourself; to the plan and the execute of a project the main investigation of the project and about the t topic; and then we have to write-that what we have done and what are the findings which we are looking for . The main and the Important stages in the project are followings .both qualitative and the quantitative research process are helpful in finding the main research questions and the type of the research which we have done so that we can analyze the final research design. Both of the methods play an important role in finding the main planning tools used for the both methods .all of the data used in the research process is selected by the help of the these both type of the research methods

choosing a topic

developing the questions about the research

the main effective planning of the research;

To organized and then methodical about the research while the research is conducting

Reporting to the research plan

3.A.3 reviewing on research

The one of the main and important question after the planning of the research projects is the main review of the research so that we can make sure that the whole planning which we have done is it according to the requirement of the project so that the efficiency of the research can be improved in research process

3.b qualitative and quantitative research projects planning outcome

The qualitative and quantitative bout methods play an important role for the design and planning of the research projects however both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. with the analysis of the both process of the research methods the qualitative and quantitative methods can produce the key results in the research process . but If we do comparison of the qualitative method of research with respect to the quantitative method then the quantitative method of the research method is much suitable and flexible in finding the research projects and the planning of the research because it uses like the surveys and the questionnaires which gives the researcher a clear view regarding their research projects so that he can analyze the result of the projects on the base of their analysis the design of the research projects will be more clear and helpful and much powerful.

4.A issue with the reserch projects and the planning

There are number of the issues with the planning and the design of the research projects which are being discussed below.

4.A problems of preserch

The research problem can be defined as to identifying about the topic and then within broad topic the decision of the narrow topic. Moreover the research problem raise different type of the questions and then formulate different objectives .for that reason some type of action oriented words are used in order to evaluate or measure the efficiency of the problem

4.B background of the research problems

The main Background of the research information identifies and explains about the history and the type of the research which nature defined very well in the research problem with the content to their current type of literature theory. The main Background information about the research problems indicates that the main root of the research problem which is being studied with its main scope, and then the extent by which their previous studies of the research problems which have not successfully identify their main type of problem, in particular, the main gaps which is available  which your solve all address related to the   Introductory and the main background information which are totally differs from its initial literature review in the type of the places where the research problem can be examine with their current literature theories

The type of Background information which mostly expands the main key points which are supposed to be stated in the introduction  of the research problems but there main focuses is not on the main paper. The Sufficient background data helps the reader to establish the main goals in the case if you the basic understanding of research problem are supposed to be investigated in the research and then it promotes their confidence with the main overall quality of the analysis and their findings. Which are done in research problems mostly

The Background information of the research play an important role in providing the relevant information to the reader having with the main and their essential type of context which are required to understand or analyze the main research problem in the basic research theory the all information related to the research issues can be discussed easily there.

3.C content of the reseach

The Cultural – this is the type of issue which is supposed to be placed within their learned attitude of their specific groups of the people which are the part of the research theory.

The Economic -- economic deals with the systems of the production and the management of the material and the wealth and other business activities which are involved in the process

The Historical  type – the historical information deals with the time in which if anything happened or created then they describes how their main effects interact the problems of the relevant issued

The Philosophical type – the philosophical information of the research problems helps to  clarify of the main essential nature of phenomena of information as this is totally relates to the main research problem.

The use of Physical information -- this type of the information mostly reflects the type of the space which is operates around the problem when something .

The use of Political information  -- the political information which are totally concerns with the environment of the research problems in which anything are going to produced which is indicating the public purpose of their mission or agenda of the problem

The Social environment  -- the social environment deal with the environment of the people which are in the circle of information when the information are created or the something's creation which are includes the main audience, their reflection that how the other people react around the problem when something is going to use and there type of information.

The use of Temporal information -

these information deals with the main issues or the type of the events which are totally relates to their limited type of time.

The use of the Background information can help the researcher in summarizing the important, or the relevant research studies about the project research

The key elements is to summarize for the type of the reader which shows that what is actually known about the type of the specific research type before the analysis of the problem. Which is totally associated with their general type of the review of their foundational research type of literature.

4.c the reseach Questions

The research includes different type of the questions which help the writer to adopt good research planning strategy. there are following steps which are used in order to develop different type of research questions there are followings

Step 1: Problem identification

The first step in developing the research question is about the type of the process which is used to identify problem or used for developing a research question. But the research problem is the something which any agency analyse as a problem solving tool

Step 2: Literature review

When the problem has been identified, then the researcher think about the type of topic which is operate under their investigation system . in order to do this type of question , the researcher should review the type of the literature which is related to the specific type of research problem. This step of research process gives us the basic knowledge about the type of the problem area.

Step 3: Problem clarification

After the identification of the initial problem then the researcher will clarify the type of problem and their narrows of the scope of their study. When the literature will reviewed then it is possible to review that problem . The knowledge which is used by reviewing the type of the literature guides which enables the researcher in the clarifying and the narrowing the type of research project..

Step 4: Terms and Concepts clarity

The terms and the concepts are the type of the words or phrases which are used in the type of purpose statement which is used for the study or the kind of description of that study type. This type of the research process raise a different type of the research questions which is used for this purpose .

Step 5: Population

The Research projects can only focus on specific type of the group of the people, or facilities, the park development, or the employee evaluations scheme , the specific type of programs, the used of financial status, and the marketing efforts, and the integration of the technology for that operations. Like , if researcher desire to to examine a specific type of group of people in the specific type of the community, which helps the researchers to identify the specific type of the people who are living in different type of the areas

Step 6: Instrumentation Plan development

The plan for the instrumentation procedure is one of the hardest plan which is used in research questioning . The instrumentation type of plan provides the road map of the activity for the whole study material , and which is used for specifying the tasks and the peoples who will be interested in participating in this type of the study which will show that how, when, and where the specific data will be collected

Step 7: research Data collection

When the instrumentation plan will complete then the actual study will begins with their specific collection of the data type . collection of these data is one of the vital step in providing the main information which are needed in order to answer this type of the research question

Step 8: research Data analysis

When the researcher will be analyzed so that the research question can be answered. In the type of instrumentation plan, then the researcher will specify how the data will be analyze about the main type of the data. which is used for the type of the research problem

4.d different perspectives of project planning

The project planning is one of the main tasks which is used in order to evaluate the whole project policy there are different perspectives are used for the project planning which are being discussed below.

Etical type

These type of the project planning includes the the ethical type of the project tools which normally required no need of government permission to analyse and start of the research questions

Social type

The social type of the project planning deals about the different type of the social atmosphere like environment and the people .this type of the research or project planning includes a highly skill research techniques’

The Legal type

The legal aspect of the project planning about the project planning consists of the legal issues of the research process where there is no need of the government interface .most of time the legal project process is not so complicated with respect to the ethical

The stakeholder type

The stakeholder are the people who have common interest in the business operations as well as the whole business .so the project planning for the stakeholder required much comprehensive skills because the every type of the group have different thinking about their business operation. especially ,due to their interest in the business.

5.A implications of the reseach

The different types of the conceptions of the problem-solving process, can be of which two of the main conceptions Which only included the main descriptions of the their process with the two of their thirty

The all of the instructors which got only (73% or main Linear conception, with their problem and then it can described as there main problem solving wsith their linear And the decision-making process strategy in the organisation . In this process, the main decisions made are always correct, and These main requirements of the problem solving issue is one of the main aspects to there relevant explanatory type of model which can be used to consider help researchers and

5.B literature related to the proposal

The literature The fact that this analysis method which can made with the main connections in explicating the problem of the organisation This is useful in the organisation when there critiquing and the main refining the of there model elements will include. The whole model of the elements and There main interconnection system is also one of difficult task which can lead to them which were easily compared to them and contrasted between another stage with their main and the initial composite

5. outcomes of reseach theory

The main outcome of the research theory is that the problem clarification in her research system is one of the main and primary task in the organization which can lead the competent advantage of the organization the problem is the type of the research theory which can analyze that how the main goals and there targets achievement can be solved .the research theory shows that how the problem can create a competent and the highly skill atmosphere in the organization

6.A process in the research

THE MAIN Literature Review Helpful in the research process So what others have to done and they know about their main type of the subject. This is the step which may have to come even earlier.

What type of the data w ill necessary to answer for each of their specific questions type in step 2. above?

.In research questions the another thing What type of the design and main corresponding will analysis of data which is more appropriate for

always Take the appropriate type of the data in which the main and the appropriate way of their for the the specified analysis..

to Analyze the specific type of the data. A computer is the tool which will be helpful at this stage.

6.B research and research resources with resepct to the time needed.

There are number of the resources are used in order to do research some the research tools and the resources are following

The use of Internet expert, the author, and the the key note speaker, and the  consultant. The use of Searching the Internet, the  Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Source

Some sites used like


Google scholar


Research papers

Academic journals



Time need for the research is not so complicated the actual time required for the research is about their time operation how every aspects of the project can be completed

6.collate and the collecet theory in research

The term collect is used for the data collection process which can analyze that how the data can be collected from different resources


is the special type of the grouping together of the related items with to provide a record of their events and facilitate further processing’s called collage

6.D outcomes of the reseach

the finding is the type of degree by which we can analyse the data from different resources finding play an important role in searching the data from different resources

the outcome

outcome of the problem is the type of the degree by which the results of the any findings can occur into different shapes the outcome of the different type of the problem can be different

6.E feedback and research presentation

The purpose the feedback is to make sure that the data from the research has being analysed .so feedback tells where some errors are available how can we correct the problems

7.AData collection techniques

arvest:  this is the type of the technique a where the most direct type of approach is used fishery data like the . catch, effort).

Post harvest type : this type of  levels used through which the main fish are prepared for their market. This may include the most of middle person, which the fish auction, so in this way the data can be collected easily

Market: all of the situations related to the fish are most of time commercially transferred. It may include the their fish market at their landing port, transaction and their secondary market

Consumers: at the level whole of the products where the products are finally consumed so this is also good technique to collect data

Government-related agencies: any agencies or the institutes which is use for the forming part of government including the inter-governmental level any agencies can be used .

7.B research data analysis with their statistical information

The main treatment of the large administrative type data with  their data integration and their main record linkage knowledge system

The main analysis of the genomic and the microarray data

The use of visualization and the reduction of large data-sets system

The main analysis of the high frequency type data in finance

The analysis of the social networks type or complex time series with databases

 The analysis of their environmental data analysis

7.C techniques issues of the reserch

There are different issues some are followings

The design Do the main question is the mean the the same thing which are coming again and again are used in this purpose Response the data :it tells that how we can how we can collect some information in poor response rate from non questionnaire type staff

Interpretational about that is the responsibility will be interpreted or not this is very danger in collecting data Questionnaire overload Some students dislike the questionnaire even though they are interested in reading and writing


The research is the important aspect of the data collection from different resources the basic thing is to analyze are the main advantages of the research what aspects can made the research value high in the market. there are different types of the research philosophies are used which deals about the different. There are different types of the research methodologies used in the research methods. Which tells what is the main role of the researcher in the organization. the qualitative approach is one main tools which can make the research so powerful. but some basic principles are used in the designing of the research tools which tells that how research can be design. but on the other hand the research problem can also cause in the research operation in the market. there are some research implications on the practical life which tells that how actually the research work how can we analyses the data ,there are different types of the research techniques are used which tells that how actually the research will work, but some statistical data can include different types of the operation of the research tools .

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