Stability Of Use Of Personne Business Essay





Division of labour

Authority and responsibility


Unity of command

Unity of direction

Subordination of individual interest to general interest

Fair remuneration to employees

Centralisation and decentralisation

Scalar chain



Stability of personnel


Spirit de cooperation

Fayol developed theory of management. According to him managerial excellence is a technically ability and can be acquired. He developed theories and principles of management which are universally accepted and make him universalistic. He was pioneer of the formal education in management. These principles are also known as taylorism.


APPLY: I have chosen "burger king" restraunt as my project. It "taste better with the king" is the tag line of burger king. Burger king is a restraunt based on a very nice concept of division of labour. It has a labour chart according to which positions are assigned to each and every employee according to their capabilities. Those workers who are good at customer service are assigned as front staff and those who are good in making burgers and preparation are assigned in kitchen, fry station and broiler station.. This helps to enhance their skills at particular work.

AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILTY: Authority and responsibility go hand in hand. These two concepts are like two sides of a coin.

APPLY: Burger king has very well used this principle of authority and responsibility, when a manager delegates his authority to any staff member to manage the front counter and customer service and handling customer behaviour he gives certain amount of responsibility aswell so that the worker can manage everything efficiently and effectively …


According to Henry Fayol, discipline is believing in the organisation and work with full obedience and energy. It also says that a person should be sincere to his work and have faith in the policies of an organisation. Well work force is able to increase the quality of output. Fayol also not believed in punishment, suspension etc.

APPLY: Discipline is very important for every organisation for the smooth functioning of all the works and functions. The management should be very strict about the discipline at work from employees. Changing the sanitizers after every two hours, washing hands after every hour, update fries time, this all comes in discipline how employees fulfil all these responsibilities. Punctuality matters a lot at burger king and while serving the customer the employee must be very polite and kind to them.

UNITY OF COMMAND: unity of command principle says that an employee must get orders from only one superior at a time. There should not be multiple bosses otherwise the workers will be in confusion and that results delay of work.

APPLY: According to my research, I have learnt that this principles is not equally applied at burger king because if theres more than one manager then the team members are getting commands from both of them but not at the same time.

UNITY OF DIRECTION: Fayol says "One head and one plan"

APPLY:Burger king is a food restraunt which aims to serve the customer at its best. Like unity of command, this principle is more applicable in big enterprises. The front staff which takes order are directed by one manager who runs their order and he’s the only one who gives .instruction to the team members.

SUBORDINATION OF INDIVIDUAL INTEREST TO GENERAL INTEREST: the interest of an organisation comes first. Sometimes employees get lazy, careless or they start ignoring the work but they should not overlook the interest of an organisation. This attitudes in the long run can be very bad for an organisation.

APPLY:. The priorities of employees should be burger kings image first so that they can build up a good faith of customers. Selfishness , laziness, carelessness was always a main issue in burger king. Burger king has given lot of benefits to their employees like 70% off on their meal , free drinks, paid leave etc so that they can feel more associated with the organisation. But employees should also have some faith in their organisation and work for organisational benefits .

FAIR REMUNERATION TO EMPLOYEES:This principle of henry fayol says that there must be a fair wage rate system in an organisation each and every employee whether its ex-employees should get equal wages.

APPLY: Burger king provides equal pay rates to their employees which is standard pay rate according to IRD and burger king also gives annual leaves to their employees, ACC and other medical benefits as well. Fair remuneration creates a fair environment in the organisation among staff.

SCALAR CHAIN: scalar chain is a chain which is designed by henry fayol for the proper communication in an organisation. The information flows from lower level to top level. Like from workers to managers and from managers to general manger. This is a better way of communication.

APPLY: Information in burger king also follows scalar chain.. The employees can’t directly talk to the head office. First they have to communicate with the assistant restraunt manager n than manager, restraunt manager, area manager like this the scalar chain goes on. If any employees have any grievances or any other issue he can directly go to the shift manager and talk to him. It helps to understand employee’s point of view.

ORDER:fayols principle of order says that there should be proper and systematic arrangement of physical and social factors such as plant, machinery, equipment’s etc. every article in an organisation must be placed safely and in a appropriate way. And same the right person should be allocated to the right place.

APPLY: this principles is mostly used at burger king. Before doing all the preparation for the making of burgers we need to put the timings for lettuce, tomatoes,onions, all the ketchups, n sauces and cheese as well. Every day the work place gets clean and workers change the pans for all the ingredients used.

EQUITY:there should not be any discrimination in an organisation in regard to age, sex, ethnicity and the every worker should be treated equally.

APPLY: Burger king treat their employees equal. No discrimination or racism is followed at the restraunt. Each employee has given the same respect and honour. Their grievances and problems are dealt very nicely and effectively by managers.


burger king hire their staff by doing interview and online as well.. But burger king makes sure that the availability of the person whom the organisation is hiring is long. Otherwise it will be a loss for the organisation to again organise a process of interview and training.

INITIATIVE: Inviting your workers for suggestion or ideas in the planning process. Burger understands the importance of employee’s hence the employees are equally given a chance to feel free to give any advice any suggestion or changes they want to make. They can directly tell the manager if they something about a strategy.

SPIRIT OF COOPERATION (Spirit de crops):Team work is very important and coordinated team and motivated is the best part of an organisation for example the coordination of kitchen staff , fires station staff and production staff helps front staff to feed the customers well . Without the good and sound coordination the best service cannot be given, hence orders get delayed, dissatisfaction of customers and bad image of organisation. So principle of spirit de Cooperation plays a crucial role in every single organisation.

MINTZBERG’s MANAGERIAL ROLES: the three general types of roles that mintzberg observed were




These roles are further divided into sub roles such as interpersonal has 3 categories figurehead, leader, and liaison. Informational has monitor, disseminator, spokesperson role and decisional has entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, and negotiator. These roles are almost used at every organisation. In burger king, the manager used interpersonal roles in daily routine, the manager seek and receive information and he also make interpersonal contacts. He also plays the role of a disseminator because he make calls to different parties such as suppliers, head office and he also scan documents and make reports which goes every month. Manager also act as spokesperson. In burger king manager needs to represent the organisation to outside parties, he directly deal with the guest, the health and safety team, any other parties. In burger king, manager has to play the role of a leade aswell. He needs to direct all the staff member, give instructions and train any new staff and motivate the staff to at their best. Manager is a very responsible person who acts as an entrepreneur in an organisation in burger king also manager check each and every thing. They come up new ideas to make the service quicker. To redesign the system if needed or if there is any change which needs to be done. He also acts as a disturbance handler, if there is any conflicts at burger between employees he is the only person who tries to solve them. He take corrective measure if there is any mishap happens in burger king. If employees are not hapy with the change so he is responsible to make them satisfy and happy. Manager also allocates physical and other resources. The right person at the right place at right time. In burger king manager prepare the roster and also prepare the chart where individuals are allocated according to their areas.


After studying both the principles of henry fayol and roles of mintzberg it is clear that my organisation (burger king) is using both of them. Fayol’s 14 principles are very important for my organisation because it ensures the smooth running of an organisation. On the other hand the mintzberg managerial roles are also very important for a manager to play a effective role in an organisation. These roles makes a manager more responsible.