The Ambey Metallic Ltd Business Essay

This project is being a part of F.Y.B.B.A. course had to be carried out to get an overview of different functions in the company/organization. The period of training has begun from 6th April, 2010. At the time of training period we were expected to work in organization. I got an opportunity to do my summer internship at Ambey Metallic Ltd. which was a eye opening experience of what actually goes on the job. It was truly been a wonderful experience as it will help me in the future.

I spend six weeks at Ambey Metallic Ltd. Pissurlem Sattari Goa from the period of 12th to 24th April learning ins & outs of different departments functioning smoothly. They are mainly

Production Department Quality & Assurance Department Electrical Department Mechanical Department Account Department Purchase Department Store Department Dispatch Department Security Department

Study of these entire departments gave me eye opening experience. It provided very useful information of how exactly the organization works so smoothly besides having so many departments which otherwise seems very simple.

Objectives of the Summer Internship:

To get overview of the departmental functions in the organization (how they function & their interaction, their process, documents they maintain).

To be able to relate the management theory & concepts learnt during the year.

To understand the management concepts in a practical way.

To get experience of working in different departments in the organization.

Methods to get information

Primary source of data collection is discussion. Had discussion with Head of the

Departments (H.O.D.) to help to understand the departmental function & work.

Another source had been used that is observation which is one of the important sources in finding information.

Human Resource manuals in the company were use to understand the different processes at the human resource department

Introduction to company

Ambey Metallic was incorporated in 1st October 2002 at Pissurlem – Goa with company’s act 1956. Company launches their trial product on 31st March 2002 but launch commercial product on 9th September 2002. At the time of started this was an 12 core project with 100dpt plant but today it had expanded to 25 core project. The company is engage in producing & supplying of Sponge iron which is of high quality. This is a first sponge iron plant in Goa. The company installed this plant assuming an annual production target of 30,000 tons. Main strength of this company lies in its most sophisticated plant with skilled manpower. The technology which they are using to manufacture sponge iron has been fully computerized to provide an ultimate output & consistency. Company are trying to increase the demand & for their product, their by testability its quality & stability in the market. Also it has made rapid strides in technological up gradation within a short span of time.

This is Company’s Profile

Name & description of work

Manufacturing of Sponge iron

Name of the Establishment

Ambey Metallic Ltd.


Pissurlem Industrial Estate, Pissurlem Satteri Goa, 403530

Phone No.

0832 – 2352021,



0832 – 2352023

Name of the Managing Director

Mr. Sunil Garg

Name of the Occupier

Mr. Sunil Garg

Factory Manager

Mr. N&kishor Jalan

Factory License No.

Goa / 1116

Name & Add. Of the inspection Authority contract labour act

Mr. Redkar

Office of the commissioner, Labour & employment, Sharam Shakti Bhavan, Patto Panjim Goa, Ph. No. 2437197

Nearest Fire Brigade Office

Goa Fire Service, Valpoi

Nearest Police Station

Patto outpost Honda, Valpoi

Ambulance & Nearest Hospital

Primary Health Centre, Sanquelim Goa

Working Hours

8hrs. Each Shift

"A" Shift – 6.00 to 14.00hrs.

"B" Shift – 14.00 to 22.00hrs.

"C" Shift – 22.00 to 6.00hrs.

"G" Shift – 9.00 to 18.00hrs.

Wage Period

1st day of last day of the month

Date of Payment of wages

7th day of every month

Major Facilities provided by Ambey Metallic Ltd as follows:

Raw Materials preparation & handling system: Coal is received in the form of raw material is crushed in the crusher & screened in the required size & conveyed to the prepared raw material storage hoppers by means of conveyers where as iron ore is received in size & are conveyed to the storage hoppers.

Storage of raw material & feeding system: Calibrated raw material (i.e. iron ore & coal) are stored separately in bins, which hold stacks for one or two days. The raw material in the required proportion are drawn for the storage bins by means of special volumetric feeder or electronic weighting equipment & conveyed for feeling into kiln by means of conveys

Rotary kiln & coolers: Reduction unit consist of rotary kiln inside of which is lined refractory constable. The kiln is suppurated on roller station that rotates by variable speed of mechanism. Fans are also fixing next to kiln for providing secondary air central burner & the coal throwing device provided at discharge end.

Product Handling, Separation & Storage system: The release materials from cooler has been taken to vibrating screen where materials is being collected & passes through set magnetic separator for separations of sponge iron & charcoal. Finally product is collected in the form of lumps & fines in different hoppers & non mug has been collected in respective hoppers.

Waste Gas cleaning system: The hot gases which are generating from the burning chamber will be taken into gas & tower where the gas temperature reduced from 950 degree to 150 degree & after that this gases get cleaned in Ventury system before gas let to the atmosphere. This Company provides uniform for their worker (i. e. fitter, cleaner, clerk’s peon etc.). The uniforms that provide to worker are light blue shirt with name plate fixed on it & gray pants. Also, workers who always work in dust they provide them yellow/white helmet with rubber hand glows with big blue shirt. At first any employees can tells to his Head of the Department if any problem occurs in plant even if possible he can give suggestions to him to overcome with this problem. After some days meeting takes place of all Head of the Departments with their General Manager/Senior Executive to discuss on problem & also on those suggestions, then after, most efficient & effective suggestion one get pass, by taking everyone in consideration if they feel that this suggestion is good otherwise they discuss each other & takes their own rights.

Competitors: Today’s world is called as a corporate world & in this world every organization facing competition so that they could survive in this market. The company has got rapid production capacity then its competitors; also, this company is the first Sponge iron producing company in South India. But the company main problem is that it is too far from their customer as well as their suppliers. Shruti Kispat, Goan Sponge, & Jain Udhyog are the main competitors of Ambey Metallic Ltd.

Customer: Day by day they are expaning customer database. Mohit Ispat Ltd., Goa Steel at Bicholim, Mohit State Ltd., Wescoast Incards Pvt. Ltd Kundai etc is the major customers (buyers).There is two director’s name as Mr. Sunil O. Garg (C. & M.D.), Mr. Pavan Bhansal & Mr. Vinod Agarwal as M.D. Mr. Mantri is acting as an executive director.






Production Department


Human Resource Department


Account Department


Security Department


Procurement Department


Quality Assurance Department


Electrical Department


Mechanical Department


Stores Department


Dispatch Department




Organization Chart









Production Department

Guide: Mr. Beajesh Chandrakar Kamalesh Kr. Sahu (Shift Incharge)

Departmental Structure

H.O.D. (Dy)General Manager (Process)





In this department shift incharge who always works on computer because whole Ambey Metallic plant has been controlled by computer only also, there is red & green button next to him to pause & start. Mr. Beajesh(Process Manager) gives him instructions if in some case. Mr. Beajesh Chandrakar are the most busy person in this company as he his a process manager. As though plant has been controlled by a computer but the shift incharge work on computer is to see that all process trough computer works correctly. In every one hour head of the quality & assurance tells him about the grade of the product. Through which he (shift incharge) gives the order to plant on the computer to dispatch that type (grade) of product through the bunkers (bunkers are of four types i.e. a, b, lumps & fine through which products get discharged into the vehicle) into the vehicle.

Here, first raw materials puts into big bowl form which it goes through roller, towards the kiln, there are seven kilns 7kiln whose temperature from 700 to 1054 & all this kiln are given different temperature so that product (sponge iron) go through this & other fines/waste materials should get separated & they get better products, also, there are fans settled down next to the kiln as kiln has high temperature it also get affects to other departments who are in front of kiln to avoid that. After kiln process that sponge iron get pass through cooler where 24hr. water has been sprayed on that cooler to minimize the temperature & after that products get collected in the vehicles (trucks) through bunkers.

This is the process flow chart of which they are following

Setting up of production of mixed raw materials for kiln feed

Processing in rotary kiln 1075°C.with air control

Indirect cooling in rotary cooler with water supply

Screening of mixed end product (Sponge iron & unburnt coal

S.I. Fines + Dolochar

S.I. Lump + Char

Drum type magnetic separator

Drum type magnetic separator

S.I. Fines Bin

Char Bin

S.I. Lumps Bin 2

S.I. Lump Bin 1

This last four are the bunkers from which type of grade product get discharged into vehicle. Shift Engineer that they have got seven kiln & then all particulars passes through the cooler where water has been sprayed daily & from their got the finished product directly in to the trucks.

Human Resources Department

Guide: Mr. Ratabuli

Department Structure




Human resource department has been handled by a consultant name as Mr. Ratabuli who visits company on every Tuesday. Company sent a car to pick him & also to send him to his home.

Duties of Human Resource

Solving individual grievances, keeping individual records, legal matters, writing to employment exchange, giving advertisement, Ensuring safety at work place

In Ambey Metallic Company if any employees are not achieving their target/ they are unable to do the work then they are undergoing through training. Generally Ambey Metallic is focusing on the job training. In this they include Behavioral (i.e. attitude & motivation, analytical skill & decision making) & Technical training.

Behavioral Training: In this type of training mainly they are focusing on interpersonal skill which mainly deals with co-workers which is required for all level of employees. As mention earlier they are also focusing on decision making role mostly for executive type of employees. While doing all this top level management also motivating those by cheering if they have given correct decisions.

Technical training: As per them worker who works in plant if they are fresher they can get knowledge from their superiors/ through work itself. Also they provide medical leaves for workers. The company has their Insurance policy for company itself, medical insurances for workers. Company also provides facility such as giving suggestion, Details are given below.

Orientation training: for new employees where the new employee interacts with other workers & also, it is useful in understanding the plant.

Welfare Facilities to employees of the organization

Managers are provided with car & motor bikes

Car facilities for some workers Medical Benefits

Insurance policy for workers

Insurance policy specially for company Other Benefits

Bonus on vocation


Refreshments & snacks also served to the employees as well as visitor Leaves

Privilege leaves

Sick leave

Maternity leave etc.

This company has given more focus on safety of the workers. Workers are providing with rubber hand glows, safety shoes, helmets, nose mask etc. No Research & development perform by this company.

Account Department

Guide: Miss. Mohini Kerkar

Department Structure






To maintain the all accounts records properly

To keep records of all the expenses and incomes.

To control the cost, raise profit & growth of the company.

This department handles all the accounts of the company. They use indirect method for transaction with "Tally software". Transactions contain the entries of all sales, purchase, income & expenses. This department has a link with office staff & purchase.

Activities undertaken are:

to maintain sales records

to maintain purchase records of all the expenses

maintaining of bank records of receipts & payment

keeps check on pass book as well as bank book of the company

E-payments can be done if needed

Debit & credit note raised

Cash / cheque are gives to minor party.

Any purchases/sales made by the company have to pass through this department. Account dept. collects data from Store dept. for the stock purposes.

All employees who works in this department faces problem of less space because of which conjunction takes place. But they have separate places for different files/receipts to keep.

Letter of Credit has been given to local buyers & sellers. Foreign Letter of Credit (FLC) has been given to foreign parties if they are purchasing materials from foreign parties, make payment through foreign letter of credit for 90 to 180 days. Excise Payment had been done in between 31stmarch to 5th of every month even the service tax & both had been paid as an e-payment. VAT paid by 20thof every month as an e-payment. Service tax before 25th of next month half yearly, welfare payment has been done monthly on Iron ore at the rate of Rs.1/- tone on this they have audit with their auditors also audit on sales tax.

At the time of selling products (Sponge iron) within state they sale it under Central Sale Tax CST but directly sale has been made. While selling outside, they sale it on consignment bases through the agent on it VAT has been applied claim through ITC.

Security Department

Guide: Mr. Narayan Gawas . Mr. Vishant Devgan

Department Structure




They have their own security office like how other companies also have. In this dept. their Security head guard is Narayan Gawas & Vishant Devgan is their security in charge, this guard works in two shifts details are given below:

12hrs. Shifts: 8.00am to 8.00pm – Vishant Devgan 8.00pm to 8.00am – Narayan Gawas Responsibilities of Security Department Here they handled inward & outward, non-returnable & returnable, gate pass, employee gate pass, visitor gate pass, vehicle entry book, H.O.D. attendance sheet, contractor level attendance, Staff attendance, staff card punching & Vehicle kilometer entry book.

They uses seven guards for daytime where three guards stays at the entrance gate, one at the power house, one at the central tower, weigh bridge, security office. For night time, one at the bricks plant, security office, one at the power house, central tower & Weigh Bridge & at the gate side two guards.

Their company had provided them with dress code. They are providing shirts, paints, shoes & also caps have provided but caps which they are provide to them is not free they have to pay for it. But, they have not provided them cloths washing facilities. For their safety purpose they are provided with long & strong stick. If anyone outsider wants to visit the company he is unable to visit without visitor’s gate pass with purpose of visiting with sign of visitor on it. Here, they also handle contractor, H.O.D. & staff’s attendance. Non returnable is for the materials which are going inside of the company but it will not return has been writes in this book & returnable is the materials which get rejected or will go out from the company even after receiving it.

Purchase Department:

Guide: Mr.Anil Pai







Purchase department is also known as Procurement department & store department also comes under the purchase department (Mr. Anil Pai) as there is no H.O.D. in this department Mr. Manoj jindal are on shift in charge post.. In purchase department they are following purchase indent which includes requirement in the stores dept. like storable / non-storable goods. Here are some more brief descriptions about this dept. Purchase Dept. maintains Purchase Indent, Daily Log Sheet, Analysis File ,Water Analysis File, Pending Purchase File, DTDC Purchase File, Purchase order File, Inward & Outward Files etc. with all this files & documents they also take printout of gate pass/visitor pass & many more by giving order also, maintains & provides as & when require. Analysis file in which they records the daily information about meter (electricity) so that to find how much electricity have been use. Water analysis so that how much water have been use to control pollution. Pending purchase file in which this company has sold their product but not get money yet.

Purchasing information includes: 1. Requirements for approval of product, procedures, process & equipment. 2. Requirements for qualification of personnel & quality management system requirement. Coal: They are using & processing 100% non-cooking stream coal through reputed importer like Maheshwari Brothers & coastal energy on "high sea sale" basis, they are not importing directly as the purchase quantity per lot is not more than 15000T which becomes the part quantity for the total shipment. At the time of each purchase we are evaluation the quotation of importers on "techno commercial method" & place the order based on the evaluation. Iron ore: Iron ore is obtained from 4 to 5 consistent vendors order is placed verbally or written 75% material is procured through M/S Sunita Street, Bellary that to 12min. The iron ore consistency monitored for quality. The rates decided on agreement.

Working instructions for supplier ratings: Supplier rating shall be done for all suppliers at least once in six month. Suppler rating is done keeping into consideration from major factors, effecting supplier. 1. QR (Quality Rating) = No. of lots accepted during a period - --------------------------------------------------- . No. of lots supplied during a period

2. DR (Delivery Rating) = No. of lots delivered in time during a - -------------------------------------------------- . No. of lots supplied during a period

Purchase related process Purpose: To ensure that purchase product confirms to specified purchase requirement. To establish & maintain criteria for selection, evaluation & re-evaluation of supplier to ensure suitability continue to organization’s requirements. All raw materials, consumable & related services such as inspection, testing, calibration etc.

Application Supplier selection, evaluation & re-evaluation

1. Our organization ensures that purchase product requirement. Type of raw materials, consumable & offloaded services had been enlisted in "Approved supplier list – AML - 7.4-001". 2.Raw materials such as coal & iron ore are inspected as per incoming inspection & test plan for coal & iron ore AML – LITP – 7.4.3 – 001 & AML – IITP – 7.4.3 – 002. Records of incoming inspections are maintained in "incoming inspection records – AML – R – 7.4.3 – 001". 3. All other materials such as consumable & bought outs are inspected at incoming stage records are maintained in "Good receipt & inspection note". 4. The extent of control applied to a supplier & purchase product is dependent upon the effect of purchase product on the subsequent product realization or the final product. 5. Criteria for selection, evaluation & re-evaluation for suppliers have been established. 6. Suppliers are evaluated & selected based on their ability to supply a product in accordance organization’s requirement. Records of evaluation, re-evaluation & necessary action arising from the evaluations are maintained. 7. Purchasing requirements are communicated to the supplier in written (purchase or) verbal orders are given. Verbal orders register is maintained.

Works Instruction for Addition/Deletion of Supplier

Addition of supplier 1) At any time new supplier has to be added in approved supplier list, supplier quality rating is done for consecutive "3" months/"10" lots whichever is earlier. 2) In case of supplier rating is more than 75% that supplier name is to added on to approved supplier list.

Deletion of Supplier 1) If incase a supplier get’s quality rating less then 75% same is acknowledge to supplier in writing so as to improve the rating concern with related parameter i.e. QR,DR 2) Such supplier are monitor further for consecutive three months & incase still supplier rating does not improve, the supplier name gets deleted after approval from the Executive Director 3) Only incase suppliers having a monopoly of product, services, then Purchase in charge develops alternate source arrangement before deleting such supplier from "Approved Supplier List". SQR = Statistical Quality Rating QR = Quality Rating DR = Service Rating This should be prepared by Purchase Manager & get it approved from Executive Directors

Work Instructions for Buying Materials of taking services from unapproved suppliers

Whenever required, materials shall be purchased/Services shall be taken from unapproved suppliers.

All such materials/services taken from unapproved suppliers shall undergo inspection at incoming stage.

Details of such transaction is done from approved suppliers are noted down on the register name as Positive Recall Register clearly depicting the Product Description, P.O. Number, proposed usage of product & quality so that incase of non-conformance, such products get withdrawn from the point of usage.

All such purchase orders must have approval of Ex. Director (Mr. Mantri)

At the end of every financial year & subsequent assessment of such suppliers, Ex. Director decides for addition of such suppliers into "Approved Suppliers List"

Mr. Anil Pai who is the head of the purchase department of the company also he gets an opportunity to control pollution in the plant. All pollution related process or work has been handled by him.

Suppliers of Iron ore to this company: Mineral Enterprises Ltd. Karnataka, Rajasthan Trading Company, A1 enterprises.

Supplier of Coal: Agarwal coal corporation, Maheshwari Brothers.

Supplier of Charcoal: Trimurti Coal trading company

Measures to be taken to avoid pollution: T o avoid air pollution this company have installed 1. Ventury scrubber system: To control the fuel gases 2.Bag type dust collectors: to maintain clean working environment inside the plant

1. VENTURY SCRUBBER SYSTEM: Fuel gases which are generated from the kiln after passing from after burning chamber, then passes through wet scrubber system where all gases are cooled & cleaned at required ambient level. Details are shown below with Process flow diagram.

1. A) GAS CLEANING SYSTEM: In this system waste gases of volume 24,000 Nm3/hr at 950°C which contains CO2, H2O, S2O, SO2, CH4, O2 & N2 (this is hot gases which get cooled by spraying water through nozzles.) with the dust loads of 20-30G/Nm3 will be cooled & get cleaned by the following stages.

1. B) 1ST STAGE: QUECHING SYSTEM: As said earlier all that gases are hot & get cooled by spraying water but before entering into the quench tower atmospheric air get mixed in it. Here temperatures of all that hot gases get reduced till 200°C & all sludge (dust) get removed through the bottom of the chambers.

1. C) 2ND STAGE: VENTURY SCRUBBER SYSTEM: The cooled gas are now enters the Ventury scrubber having spray nozzle arrangement at throughout area. So, the dust particles to be removed by spraying water & dust get settled in the form of sludge & removed from the bottom of the scrubber, here the temperature get reduced to 80-120°C.

1. D) IIIRD STAGE: ENTERAPMENT SEPARATOR SYSTEM: Now the cooled & clean gases will be sent to entrapment separator. The mist in the gas will be eliminated by the baffle plate’s arrangements in the system. Then clean gases will be sent to the atmosphere through chimney. An expected dust load is around 130mg/m3. This is all about final fuel gas report.

After all this stages waste particles remains which called as sludge as mention earlier. This sludge separation takes place in "Sludge Separation System". In this system water which gets collected along with the dust at the bottom the Seal Tank is taken out continuously for separation of solids in the form sludge to Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). Then after sludge gets settled down in the chamber of the settling tank & clear water has been percolated through Sane Bed & clear water comes out in the separate Sump & Tank. The clear water has been fully (100%) get recirculated back to the Ventury Scrubbing System. In Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) we are adding solution for flocculation for solid separation & lime for neutralizing the water so that water becomes neutral /alkaline.

2. DUST EXTRACTION SYSTEM: This pollution control system is mostly for controlling dust which is equipped with Air Bag Type Dust Collectors so that clean environment can be maintained. Dust mostly collects from Cooler Discharge, Product House, & Stock House & Coal Circuit. Technical parameters are as follows:

2. A) Raw Materials Preparation Circuit: All the dust is collected through the bag filter system. Technical parameters are as follows

Technical Parameter: Unit : 01 No. Dust to be handling : Iron Ore Dust Gas Volume : 14,000 M3/Hr.

2. B) Cooler Circuit: Technical parameter Unit : 01 No. Dust to be handling : Sponge Iron Dust Gas Volume : 7,000M3/Hr.

2. C) Product Circuit: Technical parameter: Unit : 01 No. Dust to be handling : Sponge Iron/Charcoal Dust Gas Volume : 14,000 M3/Hr.

2. D) Stock House Discharge System: Technical Parameter: Unit : 01 No. Dust to be handling : Iron Ore/Coal Dust Gas Volume : 10,000 M3/Hr.

2. E) Raw Material Preparation Circuit: Technical Parameter: Unit : 01 No. Dust to be handling : Coal Dust Gas Volume : 15,000M3/Hr.

2. F) Stock House Discharge System: Technical Parameter: Unit : 01 No. Dust to be handling : Iron Ore/Coal Dust Gas Volume : 10,000M3Hr.

2. G) Product Circuit-Bin & Bucket Elevator: Technical Parameter: Unit : 01 No. Dust to be handling : Sponge Iron Dust Gas Volume : 6,000 M3/Hr.

2. H) Coal Injection Area: Technical Parameter: Unit : 01 No. Dust to be handling : Coal Dust Gas Volume : 1,500 M3/Hr.

2. I) Kiln Feed End Area: Technical Parameter: Unit : 01No. Dust to be handling : Iron Ore/Coal Dust Gas Volume : 1.500 M3/Hr.

Also to avoid pollution which mainly affects because of sludge which automatically get produced to discharge that they have use brilliant idea that is fines they are using this two to make FLASH BRICKS. This company has given contract to one contractor to produce flash bricks which is for 1yr. this company only provides fines s a sludge to him it is his work to find & use cement, stone powder. Manpower to prepare this flash bricks has been provided by contractor. After preparing flash bricks he can sells to his own party. As per this company this is not very high profit making process, this process is only to controlled pollution. Flash buyers are mostly construction people. Sand & cement to made flash bricks is from local suppliers.

Stores Department

Guide: Mr. Manoj Jindal

This department comes under the purchase department. This department handles the issue & purchase files, contractor chargeable buyers, stocks present in department, returnable & non-returnable files. Returnable files are those. Mostly this department had their link with purchase & account department. In charge of this department & his assistant does paperwork & helper is to keep the materials in right place. This department maintenance the goods dispatched to respected department with sign of that department head & brought in stock. They have list of critical items which they stored in advance like conveyor belt, motor equipment. Some items which can easily available they don’t store that such type of item sends someone to buy as & when needed, but some items which is hard to get they store such items with the extra one.

Process of "rejection & non-rejection" of materials are as follows: When the company gets the materials (conveyor belts, motor equipment etc.) from the other parties with this they got the bill after getting the materials in stores departments first of all head of this departments inspects whether the materials which they sent was correct or not then he sign on that bill requires as per the rule. After this that head of the store dept. puts rejected/non-rejected bill into the M.R.N. (Material Receipt) which directly shows this bill into computer & the time & date of the putting into M.R.N. will get appeared on that bill automatically, then this bill will get sent to respected department. After that head of the respected departments gets that bill will visit at the store for the purpose of inspection if he gets the require materials then he has to sign & should write the purpose why he wants that materials. Incase, if he rejects then also he should sign with purpose i.e. why he is rejecting that materials. If materials get rejected then they directly sent back to the respected party as head of this department believes that it will help to maintain good relation.

Quality Assurance Department

Guide: Mr. Gopal Chandra Manahanta

Department Structure





This is their Quality base objectives which contains some points on whom they focuses

Quality Objectives

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Reliability of supplier’s inputs

Efficiently utilization of resources

Upgrade employee skills

Ensure safe working environment

Empowering all the process of the company

Here in this department the H.O.D. are gives the instructions to other workers who works under him also, his presence required at the time of checking the grade of the products & he maintains documents required in his department that is analysis of raw materials but separately like (analysis of iron ore analysis of charcoal). These department works is mostly with Process department (links with Process Dept.). The chemist works is mostly with chemicals he maintains & uses chemicals required to get the grades of the product which is more important. Helper works is to maintain chemical’s required to find grades & to help chemist. Lab boy’s work is only to keep apparatus clean which they are using also, to keep clean the lab & to maintain apparatus.

Here, after finding grades by chemist he reports to H.O.D. who then reports to Shift Engineer on company’s phone who then changes the way of discharging the materials as per the grade wise. Finding the grades & reporting to Shift Engineer has been done in every 1hr.

H.O.D. works for 8hrs. for "G" Shift (General Shift). & Chemist as per the shift (3 shift – 3 Chemist). If there is a need of Head in the night time then he instructs on phone but incase if emergency he have to come at the company. As this Ambey Metallic Ltd. are giving more importance to provide best quality of sponge iron for this reason this departments had got such a vast importance in whole plant.

Electrical Department

Guide: Mr.

H.O.D ELECTRICAL MANAGERDepartmental Structure






Here they handles documents like Log book, power & diesel consumption report, low current of different recruitments, power consumption of HT Site(transformer), pollution control equipment, preventery maintenance format & kiln’s shutdown register. In the log book they maintain problems contains in the plants which is handle shift by shift engineer.

Duties Rectifying problem Utilization of electrical manpower effectively Maintaining PMT equipment Daily checking Fuel efficiency To train subordinate

If any problems appear in the plant they directly concern it to the head of the electrical manager then he visits that place & based on his instructions they try to solve the query. Head of the department & Assistant manager works in a general shift but at the there is a shift engineer’s who are their, to handle the query at night but incase he is unable then problem concern to head of electrical department & if needed he have to come otherwise he can instruct on phone. Here, Shift engineer & his asst. also work in the plant. Electrician & helper is the shop floor level of workers who works in plant. Communication process has been done as per the requirement if some new rules have to pass then they are providing with notice. For safety purpose they are provided with rubber hand glows, rubber melt & safety shoes.

Mechanical Department

Guide: Mr. Sandeep Gaude

Departmental Structure








This department mostly handles daily report, equipment history, hours in breakdown, register. This department has a link mostly with Production & Electrical departments. While going through his work he explains that if any problems appear in plant then he has to take action on that as fast as possible as it is 24hrs. working plant. The work of heads of this department is fabrication compulsory with that maintaining & preventing the plant from having a major damage. Mostly, always he has to go around company to find whether there is some problem. While visiting the plant he prefer mostly to go through critical areas & if he finds some problem, if he finds some problem then at that time only he used to work on it till it get repaired with his co-workers. Here also he (H.O.D.) works in a general shift (i.e.) but even after going to home his work not gets over as there is no shift engineer if any grievances appears in the night time then he gets call from company if the problem is minor then he can instruct on phone only, otherwise incase of critical problem he have to come at the company for that company sends company’s driver to get him in his department.

Dispatch Department

Guides: Mr. Ravindra Kumar

Department Structure




Duties Before selling products to their respective parties every vehicle has to find his weight on Weigh Bridge which is handling by Mr. Ravindra. This weigh bridge also got a name called ‘Katto’. Mr. Ravindra had got one machine in his department to find weight when any vehicle with comes & stand on weigh bridge weight of that quantity has been directly shown on that machine as weigh bridge indirectly connects to that machine. In this machine he writes vehicle no., type of materials, charge fee & date & time which has been shown automatically. One security guard has been providing to this department so, every vehicle should go through this process as per the rule.

Mr. Ravindra’s work is to prepare Daily Morning Report. This report has been done on yesterdays information (fro e.g. if yesterday is Monday obviously today is Tuesday he prepares report on today on analysis of yesterday at the time when he enters his department this is his first responsibility which should be done in morning & for everyday. After daily report has been prepared he sends it to the account departments. Then account department approves & passes it to their r. Executive to see then he faxes it to the Head Office in Panjim to their head. Who then, advices on phone or he faxes about to whom to sell or whom to not at what charges & at what quantity as per market rate. As per his instructions Mr. Ravindra supplies materials.



Mr. Bagvandas AgarwalGuide: Mr. Ravindra Kumar

Cashier’s departments are attached with dispatch department. Mr. Bhagvandas Agarwal is a person who handles this department. His department is in Dispatch department.


























I gained a massive amount of at Ambey Metallic Ltd. at the time of six weeks internship. I understood that to function smoothly it requires truly great effort of hard work. But, practically it is very difficult task to manage the flow of the organization (company/firm) so smoothly. I had learnt that good co-ordination & co-cooperativeness is required for every department to function smoothly. Also, company should provide some welfare facilities to their workers & also try to be familiar with surrounding (village) people with this company should focus on controlling pollution if it is chemical/sponge iron producing plant.


Despite of confused business environment, Ambey Metallic maintained its performance in all key areas of its operations. The corporation also posted a major milestone in marketing of products like Sponge Iron Venus reached a new landmark when it’s countrywide network of chemicals.

Ambey Metallic is well aware of the grievances of the massive urbanization taking place in Goa as this is a first & foremost sponge iron plant in Goa. To offset its adverse effects, corporation has taken several pre-emptive measures: to improve the quality of their products & to control pollution. More focus is on quality base product with that controlling pollution.