The Function Of The Human Resource Department Business Essay

Organizations success and grow by paying a careful attention to the needs of employees as the dignity of human beings is very important and it should not be ignored for the sake of expediency.

I will describe a mission for the human resource function in Caribou Coffee Company which is a specialty coffee and espresso retailer, the second largest in the United States after Starbucks. In this mission I will focus on human resource practices that have positive impact on the business and support the company's mission and value. In the following I will explain the mission in details.

The responsibility and roles of the human recourse department, because it is very important to understand the function of the human resource department in order to do an effective work and to improve the organization. The main important responsibilities of human recourse department are;

Employment and recruiting such as doing interviewing , testing the employee to see whether they are qualified for the job or not, and temporary labor coordination which is providing a temporary staff that fill the need for substitutes when regular employees are absence because they are ill or on vacation, vacancies exist.

Training and development in order to enhance productivity of the company for example the employees need to be trained on their social skills as it is very important to treat the customers in an appropriate way because it affects the improvement of the company.

Compensation which includes wage and salary administration, job descriptions, executive compensation, incentive pay, and job evaluation.

Benefits such as insurance , vacation leave administration, job description,

Employee services such as employee assistance programs.

Employee and community relations like attitude surveys, labor relations, labor law compliance, and discipline.

Personal records.

Health and safety.

Strategic planning.

Further, to consider HR as a business we need three product lines which they are first the administrative services and transactions which is hiring and staffing and it is traditional product that HR has historically provided. Second, is business partner services which is newer and it develop effective HR system and help implement business plans, and talent management. Third, is strategic partner who is in all of the process, works together with senior management to develop programs and guidelines to support the process (Lawler 2005).

The competencies of HR professionals, it is very important to know the competencies of the HR professionals because they will help the HR function to create value, contribute to the business strategy, and shape the company culture. Further, we should consider these competencies as our goals as through these competencies we will improve our skills in human resource and it will lead us to success.

There are six competencies, first is business ally and it is the understanding of how the business make money and know the language of business. Second is operational executor which is implementing workplace policies and advancing HR technology. Third cultural steward and this means that you facilitates change, develop, value the culture, and help employees navigate the culture. Fourth is talent manger which develops talent and shape the organization. Fifth, strategic architect as it include recognizing business trends and their impact on the environment. Sixth is credible activist and this last competency consist of delivering results with integrity, sharing information, building trust relationships, and influencing others.

The decreasing of the role of HR in administration due to the increasing of technology as it is now used for many administrative purposes. In the Caribou Coffee Company I will focus on technology in order to decrease the amount of time that the HR function devotes to administrative tasks and increase the roles as a strategic business partner, change agent, and employee advocate. First the company will provide self-service and it refers to giving employees online access to HR information such as training, benefits, compensation, and contracts ( A.Noe et al 2008).

Defining the competitive challenges as it influence the human resource management practice. Knowing the challenges that will influence the human resource management is very important as it influence the success and improvement of the company as well. After identifying the most competitive c challenges that the company will face we need to know the best and effective ways to deal and overcome these challenges.

The first challenge is sustainability challenge it has been the viewed as one aspect of corporate social responsibility related to the impact of business on the environment (Jones 2002). It refers to the ability for a company to survive and succeed in a dynamic competitive. It depends on meeting the needs of the company stakeholders. Stakeholders are groups that have interest in the company success such as shareholders, the community, customers, and employees. In order to meet the needs we should measure performance to stakeholders: the balance scored gives managers an indication of the performance of a company based on the degree to which stakeholder needs are satisfied; it depicts the company from the perspective of internal and external customers, employees, and shareholders (Kaplan and Norton 1992). It is very important because it help the company meets its needs and increases the focus in being competitive. These include the focus o customers, enhance team work, long- term management, improve quality, and reduce the amount of time in new product and services development.

The second challenge is the global challenge it is very competitive challenge as globalization has made the world a small village and that affected business in many ways. Therefore, companies should prepare to deal with the global economy by developing global markets, use their practices to improve global competitiveness, and better prepare employees for global tics to improve global competitiveness, and better prepare employees for global assignments. Companies become more global, economic patterns and business practices in one area of the world can determine the success of a company on the other side of the world (Zeller 2005).

The third challenge is Technology, it is a very important challenge as technology now became a huge part of our lives as we can't live without it and it changed the way we live and practice in the daily life. Technology has changed a lot of things in human resource as it changed the roles and skill requirements which results in the need to redesign its structure. Companies should keep up with technology in order to succeed and develop. we should create high performance work systems through integrating technology and social systems as it maximizes the fit between the company's social system (employee) and its technical system(Neal and Tromly 1995). Further, we should increase the use and availability of electronic human resource management (e-HRM) and it refers to the process of transmission of digitized information used in HRM, including text, sound, and visual images from one computer or electronic device to another.