The History Of Establishment Of Goldenstate Manufacturers Business Essay

Goldenstat Manufacturers Pt. Ltd is a textile manufacturing company which is operating business for over 30 years in Australia. The purpose for establishing a company should be achieve the enterpriser’s goals that could be achieve a large manufacturing company, and also want to be the top five manufacturing organization in Australia. However, the reason to establish textile manufacturing because a number of different natural fibres that can be manufactured to produce a range of textiles. The natural textiles are hemp, cotton, silk and wool. There are sufficient sources of material and other reasons can be have a big market in Australia, government policy assisted in textile industry in 30 years ago. Therefore, the enterpriser who established the Goldenstate Manufacturers Pt. Ltd.

b) Identify 3 other types of organizations and explain how their purpose and reason for

establishment might differ from Godenstate Manufactures.

Education – this is the third largest income of Australia for the year 2007-08, according to research report shows that each international student contributes of $28,921 in value added to the Australian economy and generates 0.29 in full time equivalent workers. Therefore, their purpose of education market is international students which can help economic growth.

Health and medical industry – this is represented by specialised in niche application in the fields of health infrastructure, services and clinical trials. Over the past decade, Australia’s health and medical industry has grown dramatically in size and reputation for its world leading technology, innovation, high professional skills, advanced research, development and robust health system. The reason it is growth up rapidly because people aware the life expectancy is increase.

Banking and Finance – this sector is the fourth largest sector of the economy in Australia, generating 8.2 per cent in 2007-08. The finance and insurance industry is almost as big as the mining sector and its expansion has also aided growth in related other sectors such as property and business.

1.2 Identify at least 2 of the main roles/functions that need to be carried out by the

following :

Mark (CEO)

Mark who is appointed by the board of directors as a CEO which is highest rank in the company, in another word, he is a leader and responsible for monitoring all the departments operation such as operations department, quality control department; human resource; ICT, sales and marketing; accounting and finance department and R&D departments. He also has responsibilities of developing, making corporate strategies and decisions, managing the overall operations and communication between the board of directors and the corporate operations.

Carl (Operations Manager)

Carl who is operations manager which is the largest department in this company, the primary role of this position is to resolve daily issues and work staff to improve their activities. In this case, he need to solve the staffs shortage or overstaffed in the each sections and with QC manager to solve the production process errors and then to achieve efficiently and effectively produce quality of goods.

Carl’s responsibility is that supervising staff, communication with all deputy general manager of sections in the department, project management and acting as a resource.

Quality Control Manager

This is a specialist position in manufactory. The manager ensure the department or process should be worked with meet minimum quality standards. In this case, the manager needs to work with operation manager Carl together to solve the production process faults.

Research and Development Manager

The term research and development (R&D) refers to a specific group of activities within a company. The function of R&D department is to create, design and develop new products. They also discover new knowledge of technological for the purpose of development of valuable new products., process and services. This is long term strategy and project which involve uncertainty to the return on investment (ROI). Therefore, R&D are normally carried out by government support.


a) Explain how effective you feel Goldenstate Manufacturers is in meeting its purpose.

Optimizing the production and improve the quality of the finished garments to the required level within six months’ time. that is their goal however, there are many barrier in the company, the produce progress problem, poor quality, delay schedule and also every department have some problem between manager and staffs relationship.

In my opinion, the main problem is that they are lack of communicate with each other, the may work very hard but they don’t know others what they have done or haven’t done. When the mistake appeared, they blame each other. Therefore, Mark who in new CEO in a very important role to save this company.

Mark assigned the gaol, and then he may need to call a meeting with all the staff due to let all the staffs know about him and know what tasks need to do and what objective have to achieve. Mark can also build good relationship with staffs. After meeting, Mark should seriously to communicate all the managers discuss all the problem, make decision to solve the problems, and delegate authority and responsibilities to them. Of course, Mark need to know what they needs as well, therefore, motivate them is important, for example, if they can manager well to achieve goals, then they may have company shares for their extra bonus, or other fringe benefit such like a car. When those manager have empathy and work together, then they will promote effective and efficient to meet purpose.

b) List 4 main management skills or competencies needed for it to be competitive.

Good communication

This is the main skill of management tasks. Listening is the most important of good communication processes which can help in building a long term relationship with team members and earn their respect and trust. A manager with a good communication skills who can explain his or her vision and strategies and this skills are final for the effective help in decision making.

Dealing with changes

In this case, it is clearly to be seen that Adam (Knitting Manager) and Ron (Finishing Manager) are exactly know the whole working process and they are doing things almost automatically without change. The good managers need to be flexible and adaptable, with these skill can be able to react quickly when they facing any barriers or obstacles.


All managers should have this skill to motivate and guides their team member to reach the goals of the company. A good leader knows how to allocates their team member in the right tasks and empower to act independently when the situation demands.

Time management skills

The time management skills can help managers implement tasks more effective and efficient to meet deadlines without having to rush themselves. It is also help manager focus on the important tasks first and organize schedule to carry out all the tasks at hand.

c) Explain why you feel each of the four skills or competencies listed in 1.3(b) are


Good communication

This is important in the case because the turn-over rage of staff is high in the knitting and finishing sections, both deputy general manager are hard to communicate and they do not listen others opinion, on the contrary, they both want their staffs obey them. In addition, Carl who is the operation department manager and he doesn’t communicate with those deputy general manager as well, therefore, all the department is much disorganized.

Dealing with changes

This is important because the Knitting Manager Adam and the Finishing Manager Ron are both fixed and unchangeable which result in the workers’ turn-over is high and that would cause time delay of the production produces and quality of products. If they are flexible and adaptable, the problem can be solved.

Leadership skills

This is important because when all manager with leadership skills who is a person to know how to lead and motivate staffs and also the goals can be achieved. A good leadership also should have a good listening skill, listen to staffs, co-workers and others problems and solve them. Without leadership skills, the department or organization can be in a state of disunity, all the outcomes and goals cannot be achieved.

Time management skills

This is very important to help goals achievement. In personal life, there are many goals have been set up, however, there are not many goals have been achieved because of poor time manager result in short outcome become long term goal, and implement ineffectively. In business, people say "Time is money". Therefore, manager should have good time management skills to implement their tasks.


From any of the leadership theories, identify and briefly explain which theory Ron, the Finishing Manager most closely aligns with, giving evidence from the case study to support your comments.

Modern trait theory says that individuals emerge as leaders across a variety of situations and tasks, and significant individual leadership traits include intelligence, adjustment, extroversion, conscientiousness, openness to experience, and general self-efficacy.

Behavioral theory says that leadership takes a strong personality with a well-developed positive ego, and self confidence is essential.

Contingency theory assumes that different situations call for different characteristics, and no single optimal psychological profile of a leader exists.

Full-range theory of leadership includes four components that are essential for leaders: individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation, and idealized influence.

Contingency Theory

Contingency theory proposes that a person's actions cannot be predetermined but are instead dependent on the situation.

Ron adopt the behavioural theory approach leadership. A person who adopt this theory and would appear a strong ego personality, self-confidence and high self-esteem. In this case, Ron is not allowing his staff to take the liberty of doing things without his knowledge, in another word, all the staff must to follow what his order tasks and rules. He may also scold his staffs who arrive late to work for instance.

Identify and explain the Leadership styles of Adam, the Knitting Manager and James, the Dyeing Manager giving evidence from the case study to support your comments.

Adam who is task oriented style, this style of leader focus on assigning specific tasks, specifying procedures to be followed, expect staffs to work harder and closely supervise staffs. In the case, Adam declares his philosophy "My way or no way".

James who is people oriented style, in this style, leader can be trustful, have a warm relationship with staffs, and earn respect. For example, in the case, James does not take much notice if workers do not do their jobs. He also refrains from taking any actions to against or upset his team.

Comment on how appropriate you feel each of these leadership styles are in the current situation – give 2 reasons for the answer to each style.

Task oriented style which is focus on tasks and emphasize meeting deadlines. In the case, because of poor quality of production and cannot meet deadline, therefore, leaders should focus on the tasks of works.

People oriented style which is treat all people in the work group as equal, and be willing to make change. Leaders encourage and back up what people do. In the case, the Knitting and Finishing has high turnover rate due to both of manager are the task oriented style which was found by the Ohio State University that had high complains and high turnover rates. However, in the Dyeing department, the manager is friendly to his staffs, but his workers do not do their jobs, therefore, the manager should adopt the tasks oriented style as well.


Select 1 motivation theory:

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need theory say that motivation is meeting what the people needs, there are five levels of human needs which are physiological; security or safety; belonging and affection; self-esteem and self-actualisation needs. A person must meet his or her basic level needs before higher levels of needs. Manager should understand the level of need that the person who want to motivated.

In this case, Mark who is a new CEO of the company and assign the goal. He wants all manager support him to reach the goal, therefore, he need to communicate to Carl who is the largest department manager of the company due to he has significant influence to subordinates. Carl is quite friendly manager, he trust his subordinate managers without interfere their management. Mark may need to identify the level of Carl’s needs and give proper motivation such as bonus of company’s shares or nominate him to be one of the board directors.

Advise Adam, the Knitting Manager , of 4 ways he might motivate his staff so they will remain with the company. Make sure you explain:

First, Adam can set up a target, every staffs who can reach this target in a period of time, them that person can get extra bonus. Because he need to satisfy their basic need, people who work as a basic staff position, they just need they can earn more money. Therefore, give some reward, they would work harder.

Second, Adam need to know his staffs birthday, and then they share food each month for the people’s birthday, this help Adam build good relationship with his staffs, earned respect from them, it may reduce turnover rate.

Third, Adam need to set up their roster in two weeks advance, give their enough shift and also give their rest time, this is respect his staff as a equal people, not like working robot.

Fourth, Adam wants his staffs do his way, therefore, he need to communicate with staffs monthly in meeting, he need to explain the purpose of his way to do the tasks and training his staffs. It can help some staffs learn more skills and satisfy their need.

2.3 Mark the CEO has told Ron, the Finishing Manager that he should delegate more. You are assigned to coach Ron through the steps he must take to delegate effectively.

Explain to Ron 3 benefits of delegation, using information from the case study to illustrate your comments

Ron has full knowledge in his job, he wants all staffs follow him, he should do a smart way which is delegate some authority. He can point out some people to be a team leader and give their authority and objective to achieve. The benefits are that in personal, one person to face a large number of people is hard to let all people agree his action. So he promotes some staffs to be a supervisors or team leader, his staffs will very happy because they have promotion and have more responsibilities which is benefit for the staffs, motivate they do the works. And also Ron reduce some barrier to against him, when the whole department have empathy, the works done can be more efficient and effective to meet the deadline which is benefit for the company.

Explain to Ron the 5 steps needed to be taken for effective delegation

Step one, set up a goals to be achieved. And also communicate in a meeting with all staffs, clear their target and period of time to reach that goals.

Step two, nominate some supervisors in different section of the department, and divide several objectives for them to achieve.

Step three, training and communicate those supervisors, make sure they are clear the object, responsibilities and have knowledge and capacity to handle it.

Step four, give them simple authority such like adjust staffs roster and working hours, have meeting with staffs.

Step five, monthly and season meeting with those supervise to report their progress and schedule. And adjust any barriers.

In the case, Ron should call a meeting with his department staffs, clearly to tell them the objectives and period of time need to achieve. All the team leader and supervisors may need to retain and give them more education for the works to improve the quality Ron also give them simple authority and responsibilities to handle their tasks, if they reach the objectives in time, they can get reward, and also give them little punishment if delay. Ron also clearly to tell those supervisor and team leader have regular meeting every month, need to report and adjust their progress