The History Of Organisation And Management Business Essay

a) Goldenstate manufacturers Ltd is a textile manufacturing company which is a operating business over 30 years in Australia. The purpose of the company is to achieve the enterprises goals that could be to achieve a large manufacturing company and also want to remain in the top five manufacturing organisation. And the reason is to establish a textile company is that a number of different natural fibres that can be manufactured to produce a range of different textiles. And it has enough resources to be a big remaining market in Australia.

b) Banking and finance- this sector is the forth largest sector of the economy in Australia. The main purpose is to grow its business as high as possible.

Health and medical industry- this is represented by specialised in niche application in the fields of health infrastructure, services and clinical trials. It is well known for its innovation, high professional skills, advanced research ,development and robust health system.

Non profit organisation- this type of organisation were set up to provide services in the community. The government and other organisation provide funding. The difference is that they are not paid and the staffs are volunteer workers.

1.2 Mark (CEO) - Mark who is the CEO of the company and his roles in the company is in setting the strategy and vision for the direction for e.g. which markets will the company enter against which competitors and how will the company differentiate culture. Works gets done through people and people are profoundly affected by culture.

Carl (operations manager) - the main role is to overseeing and having responsibility for all the activities in the organisations which contribute to the effective production of goods and services. His role is to design the operations strategy products and services and processes. Also help in improving the performance of the operation of the company.

Quality control manager- they are the inspection professionals who help in ensure the quality of a companies’ products and services. The manager ensure the department or process should be worked out to meet minimum quality standards.

Research – Their role is to research and developing new or improved product lines, bringing these new products and processes to an industrial scale. For instance the department is to create design and develop new products.

1.3a) In my opinion i feel the company is not effective because it is facing many problems for instance the communication skills is one of the main problems in the company which hinders the companies production and in the case study it being seen that the companies production has dropped by 20% over the 18 months and customer complaints have increased with regards to the quality of the finished goods during the time as well. On the other hand it was identified that the operations department was much disorganised and Carl the general manager is firm and very strict and it was difficult to communicate with him. All the problems stated above does not meet to achieve the goals of the company which was expected by them.

b)communication skills 2. Motivation 3.building trust 4. Leadership

c) communication- Effective communication is a fundamental part of the business world because it provides an essential link between the people who make up an organization. It is very important to have a good communication skills so that the members will feel valued and connected. It also tries to sort out all the problems the company faces.

Motivation- it is important because it gives the support that is needed to get the work done. It leads to achievement of organisational goals. And it builds friendly relationship it also improves level of efficiency of employees.

ideas were born from leadership because it inspired others to follow that same path, spreading out as it goes making even greater things happen. Leadership can provide a basis for ideas and excellence, showing others that anything is possible.

Building trust- Building trust with the people to deal with not only improves reputation, but it leads to successful outcomes. So that the team member, the team, boss and to know that that they can be counted on.

Question 2

a) Ron the finishing manger aligns with the behavioural theory approach- Because in here Ron the finishing manager decides only what is good for the company and no agreement exists about what are good and bad for the company. He does not consider the decisions of the staffs and he is not even allowing his staff to take the liberty to of doing things without his knowledge in their own way. He would like everybody to follow his way only or else no ways.

b) The leadership styles of Adam the knitting manager is Autocratic leadership because in this leader styles it allows the managers to make decision alone without the effort of others therefore mangers have total right and impose their will on employees. And no one raises their voice in the decisions being made. For example Adam believes in the philosophy of my way or no way.

Manger does not take much notice if workers don’t do their work. He likes to be liked by his staff and refrains from taking actions which might upset the team or turn them against him.

c) Autocratic style – It is appropriate in the current style because in this leadership the leaders control over all decisions and there is only little input from group members as seen in the case study where Adam takes all the decisions himself. And secondly group members are rarely trusted with decisions or important tasks.

Laissez faire- it is appropriate in style because in this leadership the leaders try to give the least possible guidance to the staffs. Secondly they believe that people excel when they are left alone to respond to their responsibilities in their own ways.

2.2a) Herzberg motivation theory- this is a theory whereby it is used to determine which factors in an employees work environment satisfaction or dissatisfaction. It includes the

b) The knitting manager Adam can motivate in ways for example recognise employees on an individual basis for instance if they have done something outstanding then let them know. For instance instead of telling everyone is doing a great Adam can take time to pull a specific person into his office or write an email to let them know that his work is truly understood.

2.Reward employees for hard work for example Adam can reward the staffs with small gifts like give them tickets to movies or gift a certificate to a store or even highly-converted tickets to a sports game. Or he could also reward employees with time-off.

3. Develop great relationship in the workplace for instance Adam should get to know the employees that is to develop a stronger relationship with his employees for example learning something about the staff’s families, learn something about staffs interests and hobbies, what their likes and dislikes are.

4. Create social events- having a few social events in the company can make the staff more relaxed and will help them take time off example Adam can arrange for a food theme day so that people get to know each other.


b) The steps needed to be taken for effective delegation is that

step 1- define the task. Confirm in your mind that the task is suitable to be delegated. Does it meet the criteria for delegating and is the task







Step 2- select the individual or team what are the reasons for delegating to the

standard and quality you expect and how this will be judged. What reports will you require as the task is being completed? What methods of checking will you use – be clear at the outset and agree them with the person doing the task.  This will avoid later frustrations.