The History Of The Connectu Lawsuit Business Essay

The reason of his success is because Facebook has attained immense popularity all over the world and become a worldwide phenomenon. With his achievement, visionary and innovative approach, His passion is to connect people in advanced communicational tools assisted him in marketing related features and the inception of famous social networking network website and he was having a firm attitude towards risk and due to this he was able to fulfill his dream.

Facebook’s mission is to provide people all around the world have the power to share what is important to them and make the world connected and more openness place. The company doesn’t aim with the primary goal of making money, they can make a brunch of money but that is not the goal for them, the best way to achieve their mission is make money to build a strong and valuable company.

Mark Zuckerberg is not a loner and not an alienated, he is a warm presence. He doesn't shy to make an eye contact and always has a quick smile with people. He talks fast and thinks fast and He never exhibits anxiety or anger but he has a weird calm. Zuckerberg spent his entire life in tight, intensely and supportive linked with his social environments. All of his best friends are his employees in Facebook. Zuckerberg loves to be around with people. If he didn't set up Facebook, he could have a social life just like normal people. Even though Mark Zuckerberg currently is a young billionaire, but he always like to wears jeans and T-shirt instead of dress up himself with luxury accessories and branded clothes. Besides that, he was drives an entry-level luxury car and rents an apartment with his girlfriend. Yet, what he really cared at all is about his work. He is just an ordinary man that not shown to concern about to make money or spend money. Therefore, these are the reason why he rejected offers from big companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo. People are wonder why would he reject the offer and think that he was wrong due to his field that he involves is so unpredictable. However, he said "We really just believe in what we’re doing." from the interview with Diane Sawyer, This showed he had been clear that money was certainly not his primary motivator of the formation of Facebook, but the vision is sample as making the world connecting with people from different countries and to provide the power to share their life to people is what they really care about. Hence, Facebook has attained the immense success in just few years due to people from all around to world they like to share their ideas, share their feelings and life to their loved ones.

Because of theses personalities, Mark had affected the way in his work. He said that everyone has a voice and the people can organize whatever they want. For that reason, the headquarters of Facebook is open floor that enable all of his workers are able to know everything that happens in the organization. Besides that, he holds an hour meeting for public question-and-answer on each Friday for the company. He is giving thought to these seemingly minor issues due to it is potential to greatly improve the employee participation and working environment. In addition, while Mark is a rich and young leader, but he never behaves like an arrogant person and still express his sincerely apologizes because of the mistakes that he have made. For instance, the group membership that formed by Ben Parr which named "Students against Facebook news feed" has increased to 750,000 users within a week. In fact, Mark posted a letter on Facebook and make promised of them that they will come out the Facebook privacy controls Instead of being enemy with him. This is Mark’s leader quality in problem solving. On one hand, he did not mention about to changes the new features of the Facebook and keep support the benefits of the News Feed to know more about all of the close friends. On the other hand, he had promised to improve the Facebook privacy control. It is two-way benefit to him and Facebook without waste the new features away that would causes losses of the company and, while he settle down the negative comment on Facebook.

Apart from that, Mark Zuckerberg plays an extensive role the process of decision in Facebook. He inextricably and deeply involved with every major of decision making that it undertakes in the organization. He uses to negotiate with the subordinates and employees to come up some new ideas for make the final decision. And also, he usually focuses on the innovation and technological side. He plays a great interpersonal role by talking in the conferences and giving speeches in the general public. He likes to give outsiders about the information through the speeches and meeting that conducted by Facebook. Moreover, he uses to interact with other business managers, visit some of the sessions and sign the business documents. In general Mark Zuckerberg plays an extensive role model in all informational, decisional and interpersonal roles in the Facebook that he makes and allows it to become the leading social media.

Connect U lawsuit

In 2003, the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, founders of ConnectU invited Mark Zuckerberg to become the programmer for Harvard Connection. Mark Zuckerberg had agreed to work with them on the project. However, Mark Zuckerberg ended up creating by using Winkelvosses idea. In 2004, Harvard Connection’s lawsuit against Facebook, claiming that Mark Zuckerberg had broken an oral contract and essentially copied initial code and the idea from ConnectU, and provided and launched on Zuckerberg site which is TheFacebook website. But the suit was nothing more came of it, it was dismissed on a technicality. In 2006, The Facebook grew rapidly while the ConnectU is stop to keep working on their product. In 2007, ConnectU resuscitated the case, and Facebook response to counter-sue the case. At that time Facebook wanted to settle down the case, it is an untimely thorn in Facebook’s side, so that the company is willing to pay for settle down this case before future financial events. According to Kantian theory, that moral reasoning is not based on factual knowledge and that the results of our actions do not determine whether they are right or wrong. In 2008, the case settled and Mark Zuckerberg agreed to pay $20 million in and cash transfer over 1.2 million common shares to end the Connect U lawsuit.

Privacy Issues

During 2009-2010 years, Facebook has faced a lot of criticisms for poor privacy issues. It had lately become a repository for phishing scams and malware. There were some reports that some personal chat box messages were exposed to public, so that it was against the consumer protection laws over the privacy policy. According to utilitarian theory, it tells us to bring about the most possible balance of benefits over harms for everyone by the actions. Mark Zuckerberg called a meeting and came out with some ideas to neutralize the issue. Facebook had created privacy policy changes the limited users are able to keep private, users also enable to publish and share their personal data that don’t even want to be shown in public. Now Facebook offers for user to control their privacy setting manually and enable users an easy way to turn off all third party services. When Facebook dealing with the mistakes about the privacy issue, they understand that not most of the people like to expose their thoughts to the public, they need certain in privacy. In consequently of this mistake, Mark Zuckerberg has learnt and changed their privacy settings.

Nowadays, Ethical leadership is very important in the organizational communication. Leaders have to process the decision making that not only take advantage for them, they need to think about others people whether will be influenced. The good ethical leaders understand their ethics and their value and spread them into their leadership style. Mark Zuckerberg is a good ethical leader example in the Facebook Company. He is known for his warm. He never exhibits anxiety or anger but maintains calm. He thinks fast and talk fast that he does not think twice to smile and he is doesn’t shy to make an eye contact. His employees are enjoyable, comfortable and interested on their work in Facebook, This is because the immense Zuckerberg’s vision value.

First of all leader have to be Human Relations. Leaders have to know the feeling of their employees and try their best to keep good relationship with them. It is one of the crucial parts of a leader's job to set up people and obtain their volunteer cooperation for the achievement of work. If the leaders are lacks of these qualities, There would be no human relations exist to employees and this will cause them into an unethical environment that existence in the company. Secondly, leaders have to be empathy. This is the way to understand the certain situations from others point of view. Empathy requires respect for the other persons, their feeling, beliefs rights and value. If leaders don’t understand the employees’ feelings, it would result they not be satisfied with their work environment. Thus, they would follow some unethical practices or leave the company. Lastly, Successful leaders usually have the social skills. This would assist leaders to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. Leaders have the ability to work with employees and express themselves in a way to obtain their loyalty and confidence. Hence, Employees are willingly with leaders.

When leaders practice ethics, they will naturally gain the admiration, respect from employees and improve the employees’ performance in order to achieve the company goal.