The History Of The Corporate Social Responsibility Business Essay

Focusing on three key areas for Corporate Social Responsibility can help create a consistent plan for the present and future:

Community Relations,

Training and Development, and

A Cohesive Global Corporate Social Responsibility Platform

Community relation – Through human resources Nikon group contributes in charity and community involvement and practices. Nikon company send emails and company newsletters to staff members those who have involved in community relation and they get a monthly reward programs for the efforts they have made within the company.

Training and Development programs are provided to employees for the company’s core products and services and to the local community. In this ways the employees can get involve in appropriate CSR projects that would make them sustain and be more creativity.

The success of the Corporate Social Responsibility plan is possible with a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that provides the capability to effectively plan, control and manage your goals, achieve efficiency and quality, and improve employee and manager communications.

Nikon always look for new approaches to improving corporate responsibility in worldwide operations to improve in economic, social and environmental performance.

According to (Esrock and Leichty 1998) an organization must have the ability to communicate effectively corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and policies can enhance stakeholder satisfaction. Consumers’ demand is high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly products and also that are less harmful to the environment and to communities.

Nikon Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Charter

The Nikon group always makes sure that customers come first. They produce high quality products and services and ensure safety at all time to society.

Provision of valuable goods and services for society

The Nikon Group produces valuable products and services with superior quality and safety to society. It continues to increase the satisfaction and trust of the customers and contributing to the healthy development of society.

Respect for human beings

The Nikon Group respects the law concerning diversity and individual human rights and workers’ right. Everybody are treated fairly and equally and no discrimination. They provide a healthy and safe working environment.

Protection of the natural environment

The Nikon Group participates in environmental activities and work to protect the natural environment.

Responsibility to society as a corporate citizen

The Nikon Group take into considerations each countries and region cultures and practices. They engaged in corporate activities that contribute as a good corporate citizen.

Socially responsible behavior within supply chain

The Nikon Group encourages positive behavior within its supply chain.

Transparent operating activities

The Nikon Group communicates extensively with customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and society and discloses business information in a sensible and fair manner. It will also conduct reliable financial reporting through accurate accounting processes.

Responsibility of top management

The responsibilities of the top management and employees in each department must ensure that information is distributed to everyone in the Group and all related parties. They have to take into consideration the opinion from inside and outside of Nikon. Any problems arises, the management need to identify the cause and will have to solve them to prevent recurrence. Furthermore, information within the company need to keep confidential and not to disclose to the outsiders otherwise they will be accounted for any disclosure.

Quality management

Each Nikon in house Company their main focus is on financial performance, always looking for how to best meet customer needs to make social and economic contributions through its business activities. Nikon Company provides valuable goods and services with superior quality and safety to society. It provides specialised photographers and world class products to the consumer remains vital to the company efforts. Nikon’s precision equipment business is making remarkable innovation and growth. It continues to search and development mission to uncover advance technique that will enhance the lives of the customers.

Nikon Company provides data, analytics that allows to evaluate and manage risks associated with transactions and to improve performance. It provides legal, tax, regulatory and analysis to legal, corporate, government and academic markets. Nikon aims to respond to all their needs through innovative products and services.

Background and changing attitudes towards CSR is the spread of the market and the change in the mode of production.

Globalisation and liberalisation have provided a great opportunity for corporations to be globally competitive by expanding their production base and market share. Communication technology and the effectiveness of knowledge have increased a new model of business and corporate governance.

The company donate money to charity or invest in local community projects, spent on local school, hospital and housing. They believe that this act will improve their corporate image. Different countries have different regulations for example socially responsible manner.

Nikon participate in the UN global compact and support its 10 principles regarding human rights, labour, environment, and anti- corruption.

Corporate activities

Nikon support environmental education, for example, encourages children to understand biodiversity through the idea of play. Nikon planned and produced "IKIMONO KARATA" as an environment educational tool to increase their understanding while having fun. It is also actively engaged in social contribution activities and this forms part of the company’s commitment to being a "responsible corporate citizen". They support non-profit organisations, local organisation educational institutions, as well as provide corporate donation. They had donated money to the local food centre, while employees had been engaged in a food drive for the centre.

Factors which affect corporate social responsibility are:

Pressure groups employees

Corporate culture and attitudes towards CSR (support or against)

Consumers awareness of and concerns for, CSR issues (external influence)

Exposure and pressure from the media (image and reputation and concerns)

Conflict in decision- making

The financial and human resources of the business (workforce, budget)

Compliance cost (registering for value added tax)

In a democratic market- based society, investors have legally enforceable rights but obey laws designed to protect workers, consumers and the environment. Competition regulations are designed to counter market power and business taxes ensure the provision of public goods. The strength of CSR is investment, tax and competition.

Ruggie (2010) told the general assembly that "the CSR to respect human rights cannot be met by words alone. It requires specific measures by means of which company can ‘know and show’ that they respect rights".

Nikon group endeavours to comply with international regulations, related laws, and internal rules, earn the trust of stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and society. The group maintain constructive relationships with administrative bodies.

The environmental issues in CSR are: Reduce cost of the amount of energy use, and where waste of water occurs it needs to tie up in the quantity of water use, waste of raw materials. Potential environmental accidents lead to fines and this cost business money. An oil companies for example, may measure number of oil spills for which it is responsible. It might use other indicator such as levels of air pollution created by its breweries and distilleries. Social and environmental responsibility can improve firm performance (Porter and van der Linde 1995; Zadek 2004) by contributing to communities, improving workplace conditions, eliminating waste and using resources more efficiently. For example, Anheuser-Busch partnered with suppliers to redesign its cans to reduce wall thickness, while maintaining quality standards

Many new laws and regulations on the legislation and control of chemical substances are being established around the world.

Nikon group make use of chemical analysis techniques in the quality assurance department to prevent the contamination of heavy metals and other hazardous substances. Nikon group promoted the development and use of Eco- glass.

Nikon Company have also established a collection and recycling system in more than 25 countries, registering with local collection organisation and it continue taking appropriate measures in the future. Nikon group has an incorporated association that promotes the recycling of small rechargeable batteries based on the law for promotion of effective utilisation of resources. Nikon group is striving to ensure that all of its facilities save energy, recycle waste, and protect the local environment. In this company all employees use reusable cups.

The Nikon Company also take an active approach towards controlling indoor temperatures and restricting the use of elevators. Turning lights off and turning air- conditioning off outside of working hours.

Market place- issues are about doing the right thing in terms of securing its longer term viability, for instant if people are company’s greatest asset, we need to invest seriously to begin to realise the returns. The company at my work place need to recruit talent people and people need to be developed, and challenged, encouraged them to be motivated to meet the business goal.

The employees get benefits such as sick pay, long term income protection and private health insurance.

The CSR is increasing becoming a popular business concept in developed economies. Nikon Company provides trustworthiness and creativity. Nikon group has a structured policy to fulfil this philosophy and shares them with all employees and works to put them into practice. Its aimed is to create more value than expected. They are also working to increase CSR awareness among each and every employee through the Nikon CSR charter. Nikon Company participates in the UN Global compact, and supports its ten principles regarding human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption.

Nikon groups respect diversity and individual human rights and provide a healthy and safe working environment. They treat everyone fairly without any discrimination. They provide valuable products and services with superior quality and safety in order to increase the satisfaction and trust of customers and contributing to the healthy development of society. Nikon group comply with international regulations related laws, and internal rules. It maintains constructive relationships with administrative bodies, remaining politically neutral and complies with laws. Nikon group will proactively engage in environmental efforts and work to protect the natural environment.

Business performance and regulation

Free market pressures affect the operating environment. Pressure groups encourage focus on profitability to the detriment of social and environmental practices.

Peter Drucker’s view; a company’s responsibility to its economic interests is to take into account the social impact, and social norm and customers satisfaction. The social and environment help to identify issues of market failure. It might be used to plan more effectively for the future for example it able to identify new markets, different sources of supply, and different production methods which might suit the needs of its stakeholders, including customers. It might prevent some stake holders, such as pressure groups from distorting facts to suit their own agendas. Journalism uncovers for instant might reveal issues such as use of child labour and poor working conditions in the third world factories. Pressures group are those groups which would like to maintain the standards for social and environmental audit with which all business would have to comply.

It is important for a business to balance the interest of its various stakeholders.

Shareholders expect the business to make a profit and that they will receive a return on their investment.

Employees require good working conditions if they are to be retained.

Investors may want to see evidence of how a company responds to environmental issues before committing money to the business.

Compliance policy and promotion

In order to ensure that each and every employee in the Nikon Group behaves with integrity, Nikon has formulated the "Nikon code of conduct" and the "Nikon rules of action".

Conflict may occur when trust break down especially when a shareholder may want to take money out of the company for example an employee may want a bonus for example arrange an awards programs. Employees want higher wagers, and owners aren’t willing to pay. The managers only pursue their own goals and for their satisfaction of profit. On the other hand the price increases or the product is not good quality and as a result the company might lose customers. Another conflict might arises where late payment to suppliers. Argument happens and suppliers stop providing goods to that company and also fine them to court.

The business must try to manage these conflicts in a way that keeps stakeholders happy. The business needs to find a solution that strikes a balance between competing interests. However it will not be possible to satisfy everyone. A good decision-making involves keeping all parties happy with the outcome.