The History Of The Organisational Dynamics Business Essay

Motivation is a word that came from the word motive which has a meaning of what a person wants or needs. It is an important factor that makes employees present work in the best way possible. "A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve" (Rand A., 1957)

Issues because of the change

As mentioned in the case, HS Engineering has announced the closure of two sites of the business. Closing down two sites of the business will lead to employee reduction resulting in demotivated employees which are threatened by redundancy. Some individuals joined this company with a certain goal and plan, which will now face consequences due to the announced changes. Nevertheless, such changes result in a higher level of motivation and drive for such employees as their plans= will grow bigger than they were and staff will see themselves having a new competitive task to achieve rather than a standard one, hence it’s a motive for such employees. But other employees may have other plans; employees may also not have clear view about HS Engineering’s future. Some employees may leave because of this decision; those employees may be skilled employees, HS Engineering will find it hard to retain such skilled employees. HS Engineering will have more employees with different needs and that come from different cultures, rewarding systems will differ from culture to culture. "Cash in not the king in every country" (Kihl P., 2004)

Positives because of the change

Closing the two sites can lead HS Engineering to positive things. The closure means that few members will come back to the main site in Leeds. This means that they will reunite with the family members over there. Leeds is also known for their loyal employees. "Love is the expression of one's values, the greatest reward you can earn for the moral qualities you have achieved in your character and person, the emotional price paid by one man for the joy he receives from the virtues of another." (Rand A., 1957) As Ayn Rand said love is the greatest reward and this is exactly what they will get in Leeds with their families working over there. In the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs love and belonging is mentioned as one of the levels of this hierarchy, and in Leeds this level of hierarchy will be offered for sure. Motivation wise this will motivate workers more which lead in them offering more to their company and putting their full potential into what they are doing. The Maslow hierarchy theory suggests that "love and belonging" leads to higher levels of motivation within the organisation, similarly in HS firm.

Theories used

There is more than motivation theory that can be applied to this company. The theory that took my attention is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (1943). It a theory that consists of five levels, the most important comes down at the first level and the least important is at the top of this pyramid. I am going to relate each level of this pyramid to the company, this will show us the strengths of the company and its weakness, and it will also show us what the company should do to motivate its workers. (McLeod S, 2007)

The lower level has the physiological needs which are food, air, drink; generally these are the basic human needs. Those are maintained here at HS Engineering which means that the first stage has been passed.

The second level is safety needs; I think this is the main problem here in HS Engineering as employees do not feel safe anymore. A huge move would be offering the employees a new contract that will guarantee their stay with the company and to ensure them that their future is safe with HS Engineering. At the same time meetings with all employees showing them what are the future plans and where the company is heading is a move that would make the employees feel safe and relief after those huge changes.

The third level belongingness and love needs; this is the strength that HS engineering has. With this decision more family members will work together from one place which is Leeds. Employees will now find more love in the environment that they will work in, at the same time employees in Leeds are known as loyalist employees, they are belonging to this company. Generally the atmosphere in Leeds is full of love and belongingness which is motivates the employees more.

The top two levels consist of esteem needs and self actualization needs, they are the least two level important level but for the motivation to become at its best these to level or stages of motivation should be accomplished. Using rewarding systems is the best way to achieve those two levels, for example telling the employees that if they finished a certain task in a specific time they will get a day off. This is the most effective way. (Bennis W, 1998).

Fredrick Winslow Taylor (1911) has his own theory that suggests that workers get motivated mainly by money which I totally disagree with. His Idea consists of managers just giving orders to employees which we do not want here in Leeds. Financially employees here in Leeds are happy and to retain them we need to use certain rewarding system other than money. We should also think of getting them more involved in decision making rather than just giving orders out and forcing them to do. There are a lot of motivation theories but not all can be applied here at HS Engineering just like Taylors theory that doesn’t coup with this situation here.

Solutions to changes

Starting with the redundancy problem, to solve this problem there are few ways. It’s actually not solving the problem I can call it reducing the impact of this threat. The first method that will help reducing this impact is by delivering this news by a specialist who knows how to carry this news to the employee. "Make sure the right person delivers the news. People delivering redundancy briefings need to have good listening skills and empathy. If someone does not have the resources to handle the process, they shouldn't be involved simply because they line-manage the person being made redundant. Senior management and HR need to plan carefully how redundancy notices are to be delivered and who will do it. It is not an easy task." (Freedman, 2010). As Freedman mentioned, make sure the right person delivers the news; this will definitely reduce the impact. After all, the company's aim is to motivate your workers. The second method is to offer the employee training sessions that he will benefit from, this will also motivate the employee, and this will make it easier for all employees that got fired to find a job. The third and the last option is to find for the employee another job as a replacement for this job, this will absolutely reduce the impact of redundancy.

It is believed that certain rewarding systems put in place could enhance motivation and productivity, intrinsic or extrinsic rewarding methods could be used in the structure of UK operations to increase the level and quality of productivity. These could include bonuses and promotions. In this case flexible working hours would be the most rewarding and motivating for the employees working in Leeds. As mentioned in this case, employees in Leeds have good wages which means offering more money won’t motivate employees in Leeds and at the same time it will increase the costs of the company more than it is right now. So the best option is to offer the employees flexible working hours which will motivate the worker as this will offer them more suitable work environment which will motivate them.

Moreover, the company will have workers now in Malaysia. There are vast distinctive features between the culture in UK and Malaysia, which will therefore affect the methods used for rewarding employees. The rewarding systems are different in both countries, for instance in Malaysia employees will be more motivated by increasing the wage rates because they are originally known for having low rates. Hence, this differentiates the rewarding system in UK than Malaysia, where in the UK employees have different needs and the rewarding system in the UK differs. Indeed there should be some considerations that things are different between other countries as their culture and needs differ from a place to another. The main problem with rewarding the Malaysian workers financially is that the costs will increase further more. The company is trying to decrease the costs but if they want to motivate the Malaysian workers they will have to increase the money. They may also use another rewarding systems such as giving them a day off which will also motivate the Malaysian workers but will have less impact on them rather than the money. (Tze San Ong and Boon Heng Teh. 2011)

To motive and retain employees having a good culture within the company is crucial, as well as creating a well structured plan to show the employees and prove to them that the company is heading in the right direction. Moreover, increasing employee involvement in the business and getting ride from the bad employees are the last two motives for retaining employees within the company. (Strategies of Genius. 1994)


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