Positive And Negative Influences On Individuals Sociology Essay

Written report on the positive and negative influences on individuals at different life stages

Positive and negative influences on individuals at different life stages.

Dionne Brown

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Introduction............................................................................................. Page 3

Zac Barlow life summary report...................................................... Page 4-5

Zac & Isaac positive influences....................................................... Page 6-7

Isaac & Zac negative influences...................................................... Page 7-8

P.I.E.S results on both brothers........................................................ Page 8

Zac predictable life events................................................................ Page 9

Conclusion....................................................................................... Page 10

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I am a trainee social worker shadowing Ms Petra who works with a lot of young people having drug and alcohol problems. The family consist of five individuals they are, Mr Barlow (the father) who is a surgeon, Ms Barlow the mother works part time in a dress shop. They have three offspring they are, Mr Isaac Barlow, he is thirty (30) years of age, another son Mr Zac Barlow, he is twenty eight (28) years of age and a daughter called Ms Emma Barlow, she is twenty five (25) years of age.

I have been asked to re-evaluate a case note to identify the positives and negatives which influence Zac and Isaac lives. Within this report, I shall include optimistic and pessimistic influences on each individual. Also, I shall review their childhood development and transition to adult maturity. In addition, I will also further investigate possibly influences on the nature and nurture of their upbringing. Additionally, I shall declare the harmful and good influences on their socioeconomic, physical and lifestyle factors.

Finally, I shall include predictable life events that may take place in the individual's life along with unpredictable life events that may occur during their life stages. Ultimately, I will reassess along with writing a final report and giving a brief summary on the family.

Zac Barlow Report

Research from my recent case study, my findings indicate that Mr Zac Barlow was raised in a middle class nuclear family. Zac’s dad is a surgeon and his mother works part time at a local dress shop. He was brought up in a large house and resided in a quiet rural environs. Zac has two siblings which are Isaac who is 30 years of age and Emma who is 25 years of age. Because of the family social class status, Zac has the chance to travel on holidays twice per year and the opportunity to attend a private school to further his intellectual development.

During his childhood years his mother ensured that he ate a healthy diet. While attending secondary school Zac was deemed to be a very quiet and withdrawn individual, plus being bullied could have made things worse. However, later on in life he was having problems at school and because of this he became introverted and stops eating. Although, Zac was bullied at school, he was very clever and he managed to obtain some GCSEs, however, it was not sufficient for him to further his education into six form or college.

He also participated very well in musical tutorials; in addition, to his interest in music he joined the school band. What's more, he has an aversion to sports so he did not take part in physical activities. It was said to believe that since he did not take part in sports, this led him to get into trouble frequently for not attending his lessons. Also, he would stay around areas where he should not have been and it comes into view he hung out with older boys which appear to have influenced him in smoking illegal substances.

I believe that he might be jealous of his older brother Isaac that is why he started to hang out with older boys who influenced him to smoke. He has also become withdrawn at home and was frequently taunted by school peers that he was a queer. This led Zac to be more withdrawn and socially exclude himself from his family. Zac pursued his passion for music and joined a band and start using recreational drugs.

He was deemed to be very clever at school but he was not happy. Suspicions raised by the parents that he may be a victim of bullying. Because of this, I believe it may affect him and make him not doing his work at school.

He was labelled at school as a queer given that he did not have a girlfriend also he stopped eating healthy and his physique became thin until present. He became a heavy drinker and chose to consume alcohol and drugs over food. As a result of his lifestyle he developed ill health and was admitted to hospital.

He was ashamed to get his parents involve in his care and it took a lot of persuasion for the staff to get his parents details. After a visit from his parents he agreed to return home only if his parents did not enquire about his leading lifestyle. His parents were quite adamant that he could not take drugs on their property. It took Zac a couple of months to begin a conversation with his family, expressing his feelings and discuss how his life carved out.

Due to excessive drinking over the years, Zac has damaged his liver and the drugs he was taking did not help with his mental and physical health. He ceases the intake of alcohol since he has been out of the hospital and finds it difficult to stay off drugs. He is now consuming a healthy diet and gain weight of 7 pounds. His parents insisted that he continues to reside with them, so they can maintain and support him with his care needs. To conclude he was asked to be involved in his brother's wedding in 2014, to which he has agreed only if he is in the best of health by then.

Zac positive influences:

Income: From birth to the adolescents Zac was depending on his parents for financial support. Because Zac is from a middle class family he was brought up in a large house in a quiet environment. He had the opportunity to attend private school and attend additional music tutorials. He could go on family holidays on a yearly basis. His family can meet the expense of healthy lifestyles. He could afford to travel to other nearby communities. He became independent and move out at the age of 17 and found temporary work.

Housing: From birth to teenage years Zac was living in a huge house with his family in a rural area.

Environment: Zac was living in a unpolluted quiet village in a rural community.

Education: He attended private school plus has additional music lesson.

Culture: Zac goes on holiday on a yearly basis and he lives a norms life but he did not conform to the norms. He has a passion for music and his lifestyle choice.

Gender: He was teased by peers about his sexual orientation. His older brother was very masculine and had a good physique.

Isaac positive influences:

Income: Isaac was brought up in a middle class nuclear family. Because of Isaac’s parents financial stability he was able to attend private school and had additional lessons. He also continues his higher education at university and his occupation is now a junior doctor. What’s more, his fiancé is a junior doctor so their income increased.

Housing: Isaac was brought up in a large house. He bought his own penthouse home in a very expensive and popular area.

Environment: Isaac he was living in an unpolluted quiet village in a rural community. He along with his partner later purchased a flat in a popular area.

Education: He attended private school plus has additional music lesson. He continued higher education at university.

Culture: Family holidays on an annual basis. Isaac also appears to have self values. Participate in physical activities and go gym two or three times per week. In addition, he is getting married in 2014.

Gender: Isaac is a male but sexual orientation is unknown.

Zac Negatives

Income: After Zac left home, he only found temporary work which never lasted and found stealing on numerous occasions to pay for his drug habit. He did not have sufficient income to live on to maintain his lifestyle needs. Also, he joined a band but they did not flourish.

Housing: Since he moved out of the family home, he began to sleep rough on his acquaintances sofa.

Environment: He lives in an overcrowded situation and later became ill. He was influenced by members of the band and became heavily involved in drugs.

Education: He did not continue further education.

Culture: He lacked employment abilities skills. He became a heavy drinker.

Gender: His gender was anonymous. He was stereotyped by peers and possibly compared to his brother physical body structure. Isaac drinks a lot and he has a very busy social life.

Isaac negative and positive:

Income: Positive- money can influence a person's life by providing the individual with the ability to pay for items. It can also provide a person with self values and self esteem. Negative- money can also cause stress to an individual which will have a negative impact on their health well-being. Also, environmental factors can contribute to negative impacts, for example, a person working inside a factory that produces a lot of harmful chemicals.

Housing: Positive- living in rural environs you may live a more laid back lifestyle and have contact with nature. Negative- living in city vicinity you may live a fast lifestyle and finding homes may be more difficult.

Environment: Positive- residing in an unpolluted environment will have less impact on a person health and well-being. Negative- living in a polluted area will have a vast impact on their health.

Education: Positive- education can help a person to feel a sense of attainment and can boost a person's job and financial prospects. Negative- you may not able to get a job that will allow you to live a normal life.

Culture: Positive- identified culture. Negative- trying to live up to your religious culture.

Gender: Positives- a sense of belonging. Negative- being stereotyped about your gender.

Zac reflection on his physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs

Physical: He was not physically active, so his physical needs haven’t been met. This can have an impact on his health and well-being. He also uses drugs which can harm his body. Sleeping rough on his friend’s sofa his needs haven’t been met.

Intellectual: He only had secondary school education. Since he left school his intellectual needs have not been met.

Emotional: I believe Zac emotional needs have not been met since his early childhood until present. Reasons being, he had been a victim of bully while attending school, he became isolated and did not want to speak with his family.

Social: To some extent I do not believe his social needs are met. Exemplar, he has been a victim of bullying, as a result of this, it can cause a person to exclude them self from their surroundings.

Isaac reflection of his physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs

Physical: I believe that Isaacs’s physical needs have been met because he attends the gym several times a week.

Intellectual: Isaacs’s intellectual needs have been met throughout his childhood stage to present. His logical accomplishment has been recognised because of his continuing study at university.

Emotional: Isaacs emotional needs have been met thought out his youth until the present. He also advances his emotional needs by getting involved in a relationship.

Social: Isaacs’s social needs have been met throughout school, university and employment.

Predictable life events

Zac’s negative influences: (birth to 10 years)

Zac has an older brother called Isaac; Zac is the second eldest of his siblings, I believe while he is growing he was influenced by his brother Isaac. During his infancy growth stages Zac would mimic his brother which would help with his physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. When Zac was 3 years of age, his sister Emma was delivered and everyone was happy with the new addition to the family. This may have an impact on Zac’s life because he was the baby of the family at that present time so there might be feelings of jealousy and threats that he will not get the attention needed from his parents.

While growing and approaching to start pre-school he may feel uncertain as to why he has to leave home and may think that his parents doesn’t need him anymore more because of his baby sister.

Adolescents: 11-18 years negative

At this stage a child is expected to start secondary school and try to achieve high grades so that they can advance to college. Unfortunately, Zac did not do so well and I believe that he might feel as a let down to the family

Unpredictable life events

Due to Zac ill health he may possibly make it through to attend his brother's wedding.


Conclude my recent findings of the case study I had to take a holistic approach when carrying out my duties and I trust that my findings are true to my best knowledge. In addition, I believe that Mr Zac Barlow physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs have not been met. It was brought to my attention during my research that Zac suffered emotionally throughout his childhood years to present and I believe because of this his experience throughout his childhood being bullied as a child; it has affected his academic performance at school, he also felt that he was not accepted by his peers, so he started to hang around boys that were much older than himself. Further to my understanding, because of this, he was influenced by the older boys to smoke and this is where he feels most comfortable. What is more, he only keeps associates that shared similar lifestyles as self.

These behaviours affected upon his health and well being. As a result he did not eat a healthy diet, he was mentally affected and started to consume alcohol to drown his sorrows and taken illicit drugs. As an individual developing up he felt that he was left out and did not receive any affection from his parents, he also feels as if he let his family down because he was not following his brother's path.

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