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In Principal

Our customers when purchasing a custom model answer from our platform, they are buying a service.

At UniAssignment we are proud to have been assisting students all over the world with guidance which assists them in producing their own piece of work.

Customers must not hand in the custom model answer that they purchase from UniAssignment “as is” and as if it were their own work. On the contrary, it is an excellent guide than enriches their knowledge in the topic and assists them in developing their own.

UniAssignment does not supply the copyright for any work that it commissions for its customers.

Focusing on Anti-Plagiarism

So what is plagiarism?
Plagiarism is all the things below that UniAssignment discourages students to:
  1. Passing off someone else’s words as own.
  2. Passing off someone else’s ideas as own.
  3. Rewording a source but retaining the original ideas it contains, without giving due credit.
  4. Failing to put a quote in quotation marks.
  5. Copying large sections of someone else’s words or ideas, even if credit is given or quotation marks are used.
  6. Giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation – for example, citing a source that the real author has found and used, that a copy is not presented
  7. Changing the words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit.

And the list is not exhaustive! Customers should know that it is not plagiarism to use our service if it is used in accordance with this fair use policy.

What will happen if I submit the Model Answer?

UniAssignment totally discourages you to do so under any circumstances. Despite that the model answer is 100% original, written to your specification, so if it were handed in to a university then the university would not know from using a plagiarism scanner alone that you had used our services, because the work we supply will never be uploaded to the web.

Nevertheless, this is not to say that your tutor would not recognise the fact that you had handed in work that was in a different writing style to your own, or that you used sources you would not normally have access to. Further, the tutor may ask you to explain the work to them, which may be difficult if you haven’t done the research yourself.

Handing in our researcher’s work without changing it is plagiarism because you are ‘passing off someone else’s words as your own’. Even ‘changing it around a bit’ would be plagiarism, in accordance with the definition we gave you above. The custom research we provide will be of far greater benefit to you if you use it in accordance with our fair use policy.

So how should these model answers be used?

They provide the student with an overall understanding of the topic:

They will assist you in clarifying the requirements of a particular topic by presenting you a comprehensive answer in accordance to the requirements given to you

These models will help you plan your further research on the topic.

They will direct your thoughts and understanding on the topic in such way that you will be able to comrehend the structure in a logical framework, connected all the inter-related aspects of the topic.

They will provide you with a list of references and resources which can further develop your academic enquiry.

They will identify to you the critical points of the topic so you can then create you own ideas, arguments and thought in order for you to produce your unique and original work.

Applying Fair Usey

Before you order our services and our platform, you do agree that:

You will not submit to your academic institution the model answer or any part of it as your own work, or claim ownership of copyright.

You accept and recognize that models answers are work of extremely experienced writers, designated only to provide you with a better understanding, comprehension and expertise on the topic

You understand that using our services in a way contrary to this Fair Use Policy, not only you do not benefit from the added value of such provision but you may also face the consequences by your academic institution regulations should such circumstances arise.

You accept that UniAssignment and its associates cannot be liable for any liabilities created by your failure to comply with our platform and Fair Use Policy.

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