Three simple guarantees with a big promise

Here at we believe in keeping things simple, that's why we only have three guarantees to ensure that we get the most important aspects of your order correct. If we fail to meet any of our guarantees we provide a full refund no questions asked! All orders are guaranteed to be delivered on time, to the exact grade you ordered and completely custom written, no matter which of our services you order.

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Every order delivered on time

All orders are guaranteed to be delivered on time to ensure that you can meet your deadlines. We confirm your delivery date as soon as we find a writer to start your work, if you're working on a tight deadline just let us know and we'll do everything possible to ensure you get the help you need.

Work to the grade ordered

All of our work is guaranteed to the standard you ordered, with work of a 2:1 standard and lower guaranteed to be writtern to standard first time, meaning you should never have to request any changes to improve the standard of the work.

Work is 100% plagiarism free

You're paying for only the finest custom written work and that is what we produce. If you detect plagiarism in your work, then you will be entitled to claim £2,000; plus a full refund and your work rewritten for free.

Our guarantees are the industry's best and are in place to ensure that if anything goes wrong, you get your money back, just as you deserve. We appreciate that sometimes this isn't enough, which is why we also work proactively to prevent problems with your order. We're dedicated to delivering quality work and promise to continually do more to reduce the risk of anything going wrong with any order we deliver.

We also provide a detailed plagiarism scan and comprehensive quality report with each order we deliver, giving you additional peace of mind. These reports help you to check over your order to ensure you're getting exactly what you expect.

All guarantees are upheld under UK law by our partners at All Answers Ltd as agreed in the terms and conditions.