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Dissertation Topic & Outline – 500 Words

Undergraduate or postgraduate

This service includes: dissertation topic justification, research aim (what the research is looking to achieve), literature review (outlining some of the key literature), methodology (details about the methods to be used), data collection methods and data analysis suggestions.

Dissertation Topic & Outline – 1000 Words

Undergraduate or postgraduate

Features of the standard dissertation outline, as well as: detailed research objectives and an explanation of the research aim, detailed literature review, justification of the methodology, detailed data analysis guidelines and 5 references.

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The first step to writing any dissertation is to create your topic, followed by a detailed outline of your research aims and an overview of your literature review and methodology. It is vital to have a good, well-structured outline because this, in turn, helps you to write a coherent dissertation. Planning is certainly the secret to success!

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